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How did teen vaping become an epidemic?

It unfolded right under our noses, in classrooms, on school buses, in locker rooms after sports practice—millions of kids got addicted to nicotine within the span of just a few years, thanks to the spread of vaping devices like Juul. This fall, the scope of the issue came into shocking focus as headline after headline documented the skyrocketing number of vaping-related illnesses. How exactly did we get here—and what can we do about it now? On this episode of Next Question, Katie talks to people on all sides of the issue, including a concerned high schooler who became an activist after watching his friends battle nicotine addictions; a mom who worries about her daughter’s Juul use now that she’s away at college; a journalist who started covering the trend long before the rest of the media caught on; and some of the country’s foremost addiction experts about the best ways to help teenage vapers—and keep kids away from e-cigarettes in the first place.