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Hillary Clinton Has No Complaints

hillary clinton next question with katie couric podcast

Credit: Hillary Clinton

“Younger women said to themselves…if more of us speak out, if we have a hashtag, if we call it for what it is, there is strength in numbers. You don’t have to deal with this on your own.”

This week on Next Question with Katie Couric, Katie sits down with former Secretary of State, former Democratic nominee for president, former First Lady Hillary Clinton. The truly multi-hyphenate (did you know she’s also a podcast host?) advocate and author shares her thoughts on some of the issues that are top of mind right now, from the COVID vaccine and the potential for post-pandemic life, to the spread of disinformation and policing in America. But Katie and Hillary also spend time discussing their personal lives, the many and strange ways they intersect, and why women continue to struggle for equality both at home and in the workplace. It’s a full and personal discussion that includes one story from early in Hillary’s career that even Katie hadn’t heard before.