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Back to Biz with Katie and Boz: Stacey Abrams

After Stacey Abrams narrowly lost her historic gubernatorial run in 2018, she did not contest the race. She could have, but instead the long-time activist, lawyer and politician put all of her effort to fighting a broken voting system into ensuring fair elections in the future. “This is not about one politician or one race,” she says. “This is about an infrastructure that’s supposed to serve citizens and it’s not.” On this episode of Back to Biz with Katie and Boz, Stacey Abrams talks about the work her organization “Fair Fights Action” is doing to mitigate the harm of voter suppression and how their helping voters to prepare for November. Katie and Boz also talk to Stacey about her childhood, her love of “Star Trek,” that little VP rumor, and the key difference between the protests happening today compared with the ones that broke out after the Rodney King verdict 30 years ago. Stacey Abrams new book “Our Time is Now” is available wherever you buy books.