How These Female Climate Leaders Plan to Get Green in 2021

From talking about climate change with friends to enjoying nature, these are their eco-resolutions

As we embark into 2021, we can’t forget the climate trials of 2020 — a record-breaking hot year filled with global national disasters. Although supporting policymakers and structural change at a global level is the most important step you can take to helping save the planet, there are also small ways to pitch in on a daily basis. 

We talked to four women dedicated to championing climate solutions, sustainability and climate justice, about what they’re resolving to do this year. They offered up inspiration anyone can channel into their own lives.

Katharine K. Wilkinson 

Named one of the 15 women who will “save the world” by Time, Wilkinson co-edited All We Can Save, an anthology by female climate leaders.

“My 2021 climate resolution is to nurture my climate squad. We can’t do this work alone. We need to link arms, collaborate, and support one another. The climate crisis can feel super overwhelming, so we need to feel and feed our collective might. Who’s on your climate squad, or could be? One way to nurture your squad: form a circle to read All We Can Save together.”

Dr. Deborah Brosnan 

Brosnan is the president and founder of Deborah Brosnan & Associates, an international consulting company that provides unique, science-based solutions to environmental issues. 

“My New Year’s resolution: Make peace with the planet. Humanity has been at war with the earth. By 2030 there will be more plastic in the sea than fish, and global temperatures are rising fast. I, myself, intend to make peace with the planet every day, through wise and compassionate actions — from how I spend money, to which places I visit, and what leaders and causes I support. Peace, after all, comes with choosing to do what is right.”

Gloria Walton 

Walton is the president and CEO of The Solutions Project, a national organization that supports community leaders fighting for climate justice. 

“To me, 2021 feels like a year to create and transform. After the many traumas, and victories of 2020, I’m ready to get to work and implement the solutions we’ve seen are necessary. I am also committing to showing up for myself on this journey. It has taken me a long time to come to a place in my life where I can own that taking a break and connecting with our planet — whether that’s finding time to play, pausing to smell the flowers, or walking with my partner in the woods — is not a privilege but, in fact, essential to sustain my movement work for the long haul.” 

Katie Clark

Clark is the director of Sustainability at Happy Family Organics, an organic baby food company. 

“My climate resolution is to buy from more brands championing regenerative agriculture. At a time when farmers are particularly vulnerable to both a changing climate and a global pandemic, it’s especially important for companies to provide financial and technical support to their growers. And the more that we as consumers reward companies for implementing regenerative practices in partnership with their growers, the greater the shift we will see to a method of farming that benefits soil health, biodiversity, animal welfare and farmer livelihoods in years to come.”