A ‘Deadly’ Heatwave Is About To Hit The U.S.

210 freeway on a hot morning

Here’s where the heat will be most severe — and when it’s expected to hit.

At least 30 million people in the Southwest are facing heat alerts this weekend, with temperatures expected to exceed 100 degrees across swathes of California, Nevada and Arizona.

A heat dome created by high pressure will trap escaping radiation across the Western United States, creating an oven-like effect that’ll be exacerbated by the lack of moisture in the soil after an extreme long-term drought. According to the Phoenix National Weather Service, this will create a “dangerous and deadly heat wave.”

“It’s already been pretty hot so far this month in the Southwest, but that’s going to build heading into later this week,” meteorologist Reneé Duff told USA TODAY. “From southeastern California, California Central Valley into Nevada, Utah, Arizona and New Mexico, that corridor is going to be the hottest weather we’ve seen this year.”

Here’s where the heat will be most severe — and when it’s expected to hit. 

‘High’ heat risk in California

The coast is expected to escape the worst of the heat, but the interior will swelter, with a high heat risk of between 3 and 4. According to the National Weather Service, there will be “little respite overnight as low temperatures are also expected to tie or break records across much of the region on Thursday and Friday nights.”

Parts of San Diego County will be under an excessive heat warning between 10 a.m. Thursday and 8 p.m. Sunday, according to the National Weather Service.

“That area of high pressure is going to keep sending us that offshore flow, it’s going to keep warming us up. It’s going to be very warm over the weekend,” said NBC 7 Meteorologist Sheena Parveen.

“Warming and drying trend with triple-digit heat by late-week for the Central Valley,” the Sacramento National Weather Service said per CNN. “The hottest day will be Friday, with little overnight relief from the heat.”

“Don’t underestimate the heat! Heat is one of the most deadly weather hazards, so be sure to practice heat safety this week,” the service tweeted.

Arizona and Nevada brace for record-breaking heat

“High temperatures will approach 110 degrees already this afternoon and are expected to top out between 110 and 115 degrees across the lower deserts by Friday and last through the weekend,” said the Phoenix National Weather Service according to CNN.

An excessive heat warning is also in place for Las Vegas, with daily temperature records on the line on both Friday and Saturday. “Rising temperatures late this week will result in record-high afternoon and morning heat that will result in a high risk for heat-related illnesses to the general public, especially for those that don’t take preventive actions or stay hydrated,” the National Weather Service warned.

Testing the Texas power grid

Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, and Houston will likely surpass 100 degrees several times before the week is out, with peak temperatures expected to hit on Saturday and last through Monday.

Temperatures are likely to put the state’s power grid under serious strain. Per CNN, Texans were encouraged to conserve power during last month’s highs by setting thermostats to 78 and avoiding the use of major appliances during the hottest hours.