7 Surprisingly Stylish and Still Affordable Full Fall Outfits From Walmart

Walmart Finds

Seven full outfits under $100. You’re welcome.

We’ve always found it a little bit hard to find a women’s clothing brand whose style fits somewhere between “juniors” and “women’s.” Ya know, somewhere between “middle schooler headed to her first school dance” and “retired cat mom on her way to Zumba class.” There are a few brands that have mastered that sweet spot that is classy, sexy, and age-appropriate. But unfortunately, unless they’re having a once-a-year sale, most of these brands know they’re selling to a demographic desperate for the right find at this point. So, they take advantage of that with their pricing.

Luckily, some genius at Walmart figured out that not all women who are older than 30 want to either wipe out their entire savings account on one outfit or wind up wearing the same tired jacket every day for 15 years. Walmart has recently rolled out a new line called Free Assembly, and not to be dramatic but we’re kind of obsessed with it. It has a lot of really great, very reasonably priced staple items like solid-colored sweaters and simply cut jeans, but it’s also got very fun, flirty pieces that will add some pop to your wardrobe. They also cater to every woman’s style, from those of us who love the preppy look to those of us who prefer to wear workout clothes all day every day, and everyone in between. Since the line doesn’t seem to carry shoes yet (although they have absolutely mastered the jacket and outerwear department), we’ve included a few other Walmart brands here, but we easily managed to put together seven completely different, totally original outfits for a range of styles. And the best part? Each outfit can be bought from one place and clocks in at just around $100, including for the outwear and shoes. We’ll trust you to pick out your own underwear.

Look No. 1: Preppy and Proud

The Boxy Half-Zip

Boxy half zip

A half zip is the perfect staple for any New Englander who is used to the temperature changing at the drop of a hat. We love this one because it’s a bit oversized so will be super cozy.

Buy Here $28

The Boyfriend button Down

Boyfriend Button down

This button down is perfect to go under your half-zip, and since it’s a light blue it won’t make you look too nautical.

Buy Here $22

Quilted Puffer Jacket

Pink Puffer

There’s nothing like a puffer jacket to keep you feeling toasty on a chilly fall day. Stand out by getting this one in a soft pink.

Buy Here $33

High Rise Boot Cut Jean

Bootcut jeans

These dark wash jeans will go with pretty much any fall sweater, and will be a great staple to add to your wardrobe.

Buy Here $27

Bee Happy Smoking Flat

Bee Happy shoes

Have you ever seen anything cuter than these shoes? And they’re actually comfortable, which is shocking considering the price. (I may or may not own them in the giraffe print too!)

Buy Here $30

Look No. 2: Geek Chic

Boyfriend Blazer

This blazer is great because you can dress it up to be business casual, or dress it down and wear it as a jacket.

Buy Here $45

Ringer Tee

Ringer Tee

We chose to put a tee under the blazer to keep the look more casual — it’s perfect for a day out with friends!

Buy Here $12

Corduroy Pants

Corduroy pants

These burnt orange pants are statement-making in a season when pumpkin is in, baby! You can pull them on, so they’re super comfy.

Buy Here $26

Gray Oxfords

Grey Oxfords

Nothing will make you feel like you’re about to go spend a day studying for exams like a pair of oxfords. Just make sure you’re prepared for strangers to come up to you and ask where the library is.

Buy Here $20

Look No. 3: Monochrome Moment

Flare Sweater Skirt

Brown Acorn Skirt

A fabulous fall skirt is hard to come by, but we’ve found the perfect one here in a beautiful acorn brown.

Buy Here $22

Boxy Cropped Sweater

Brown Acorn Sweater

This is not your mother’s matching skirt-sweater set. The cropped cut will hit right at your waist and make you look as great as you’ll feel.

Buy Here $26

Pointed Toe Flat

Pointed Toe Flat

These romantic dusty rose flats will add a feminine touch to anything you pair them with, and they’re a great color for any season.

Buy Here $31

Fishtail Parka

Fishtail Parka

This outfit doesn’t necessarily need a jacket, but we are so deeply in love with this parka that we thought you should have it. Plus it’ll really round out your orange-brown theme.

Buy Here $35

Look No. 4: Comfy and Cute

Pullover Hoodie

Pullover hoodie

Another perfect staple for any closet, this hoodie is going to become your go-to for anytime the weather gets a bit chilly.

Buy Here $24

Zip-Up Fleece

fleece zip

We’re seeing red! This is one of the most fashionable colors for fall, so own it with this comfy little fleece.

Buy. Here $32

Flagstone Leggings

7/8 leggings

We love nothing more in this world than leggings-as-pants, and this pair will not disappoint. The flagstone is definitely a nice departure from the normal black leggings we wear 300 days out of the year.

Buy Here $16

Slip On Loafer

slip on loafers

Just because you’re dressed for a workout, doesn’t mean you actually need to wear sneakers. These white loafers are the perfect slip-on shoe that will keep your feet comfortable all day.

Buy Here $24

Look No. 5: Shine in the Rain

Packable Rain Jacket

rain jacket

Bring some joy and color to a rainy day with this lightweight rain jacket that will remind you of blue skies.

Buy Here $32

Puff Shoulder Sweater

puff shoulder sweater

We want you to look cute when you get to wherever you’re going in the rain, and this sweater will make sure of that. It’ll also keep you warm under a lightweight raincoat.

Buy Here $24

High Rise Skinny Jeans

high rise skinny jean

When you’re wearing rain boots, tuck-able skinny jeans are going to be the easiest — you don’t have to roll them up or get the bottoms wet. We love this flattering pair.

Buy Here $29

Charcoal Rain Booties

rain boots

Whether you’re singing in the rain, trudging through the snow, or working in a muddy garden, these adorable rain booties will get the job done.

Buy Here $29

Look No. 6: ’90s Normcore

Fatigue Jacket

Fatigue Jacket

This olive green shacket (shirt/jacket) just screams fall, and we love the timeless, structured collar.

Buy Here $29

Boxy Cropped Tee

Boxy Tee

Nothing says ’90s like a boxy, cropped graphic tee. Orange you glad we found this one?

Buy Here $10

Distressed Jeans

90s jeans

Of course you can’t have a ’90s look without a pair of wide-leg, light-wash jeans. This slightly distressed pair is universally flattering.

Buy Here $27

White Sneakers

White Sneakers

Round out this outfit with a pair of cool white kicks. People might just mistake you for Angela from My So Called Life.

Buy Here $35

Look No. 7: Rock and Roll

Short Sleeve Jumpsuit


Nothing screams confidence like a jumpsuit — you could easily be on your way to a hip party and stop to fix your car, no questions asked, and still look amazing.

Buy Here $36

Black Bomber Jacket

Bomber jacket

This is another wardrobe staple that every woman needs. If you don’t already own a black bomber jacket, this one is, well, the bomb.

Buy Here $20

Black Ankle Booties

Black ankle Booties

Va va voom is all we have to say to these faux leather black ankle booties. They will most certainly make you want to step your game up.

Buy Here $27

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