He’ll Love These Unique Anniversary Gifts, No Matter What Year You’re Celebrating

Anniversary Gifts for Husbands

Graphic by Giovanna Chung/KCM

Here’s to many, many more years together. 

Being married isn’t always easy, but when you reach an anniversary or other milestone in your relationship, it makes all those rough bits feel a little bit sweeter. If you and your partner are coming up on a wedding anniversary (like Katie and John on June 21!), it’s always a good idea to celebrate the occasion with a gift. 

While you could aim for a themed gift to go along with your anniversary year — paper for your first year, crystal for your 15th, etc. — sometimes it’s better and more practical to get your guy something he needs. Whether he’s been toting around the same velcro wallet for years or is in desperate need of a new travel bag, there are plenty of useful gifts you can get him that aren’t boring. 

So many retailers offer custom options, too, so you could even have a gift made especially for him. Monogrammed leather pieces will last a lifetime, but you can also opt for a custom photo collage or calendar if he’s the sentimental type. No matter what year of wedded bliss you’re celebrating, here are some anniversary gift ideas we think your husband would love to receive. Need more ideas? Try Molner’s picks for the best gifts for men, any age, any occasion.

Best Anniversary Gifts for Husbands 

Shinola Utility Bifold Wallet

We’ve all seen the wallet scene from Crazy, Stupid, Love, and if your man is still using a velcro bifold, it’s time for an upgrade. This leather one is simple yet stunning, and it can be monogrammed with his initials. Each Shinola wallet is made in the United States, and the craftsmanship and quality speak for themselves. John happens to love this brand, especially for their watches.

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Nisolo Everyday Leather Oxford

Speaking of upgrades, gifting him a pair of classy leather oxfords to replace his worn-out sneakers is another gift idea. Nisolo created this pair from buttery soft leather, and they’re comfortable enough he might actually want to wear them every day. They’re responsibly made with high-quality materials, and they come in four different colors to suit his style.

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Minted Custom Photo Art

Sentimental fathers and partners will appreciate custom photo art, especially if it’s coming from you. You can choose five photos to feature in this piece, either of the two of you or the whole family, and there’s space for a short line of text at the bottom to commemorate the occasion. The art will arrive framed, too, so that’s one less trip to the store you have to make. Art is a go-to anniversary gift in the Couric/Molner household — Katie and John will often find a piece of art they both like and make it a joint gift to each other. How cute!

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Faherty All Day Duffle Bag

A man on the go knows how important a good travel bag is, which is why this sleek and simple duffle would make for the perfect gift. Interior pockets will keep his valuables safe and organized, while an exterior one will hold his phone and passport for easy access. On the side, there is a zippered shoe compartment to keep his shoes away from clean clothes on the inside of the bag. To top it off, this bag is light enough he could easily pack it in his suitcase just in case he thinks he may need some more storage for the journey back from a business trip or weekend away.

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Uncommon Goods Personalized Whiskey Barrel

Whiskey advocates and cocktail connoisseurs will love to have a barrel of their own to age spirits in, especially when it’s branded with their name. This tabletop piece may look like décor, but it’s actually a functioning barrel he can age just about any liquor in. The wood will impart notes of vanilla, oak, coconut, and butter into whatever he adds inside. The hardest part is being patient enough to wait for the liquor to age, which can take a few months if he really wants to get a full-flavored product.

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Ooni Koda Pizza Oven

This is definitely a splurge item, but if your partner is big into cooking, chances are it’ll pay for itself. This gas-powered pizza oven creates restaurant-worthy pies in just one minute. It takes about 20 minutes to preheat, but by the time it’s ready to pop a pizza in, the interior of the oven will be about 950 degrees, meaning it can cook a pizza in about 60 seconds flat. Imagine the pizza parties you can host with this thing!

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Hitch Bottle and Cup

We’ve all got to stay hydrated, but carrying around a coffee mug, water bottle, keys, phone, and wallet for the morning commute can be a pain. Lessen his load by gifting him this two-in-one reusable coffee cup and water bottle. The coffee cup actually nests into the bottle until it’s ready to use, saving space and cutting down on single-use cups. When he’s ready for his morning caffeine fix, he can simply remove the cup from the bottom, give it to the barista to fill and put a lid on, and then snap the cup to the top of the bottle, where it will securely sit until he removes it. 

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Bespoke Post Cocktail Aging Kit

Premade cocktails don’t only save time before dinner, but they can sometimes be better than the ones you make at home. If he’s got the cocktail recipe down, though, maybe he’d be up for this cocktail aging kit, which uses a charred piece of white oak to impart flavors into whatever drink he’s made. Simply pour the cocktail (like an old-fashioned or Manhattan) into the included bottle, slip the oak into the bottle, cork it, and wait a few days for it to age. By the weekend, he’ll have smoky, flavorful drinks for the whole table.

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Brooklinen Waffle Robe

If you are both the type to stay in rather than go out, why not celebrate your anniversary in a buttery soft robe? This one from Brooklinen is made from waffle-knit Turkish cotton that quickly wicks water away from the body post-shower and keeps you warm on chilly days. He’ll love that it’s super soft and has pockets for his phone, and you’ll love “borrowing” it for your daily morning routine. Or, if you’re feeling generous, you could get a matching set to lounge in for a romantic movie night.

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Marshall Emberton Portable Speaker

For the man who is always the life of the party, a portable speaker with style makes for an amazing gift. Not only can he bring this with him just about anywhere, but it looks sleek sitting on his office bookshelf or bedside table, too. It’ll play for about 20 hours on a single charge, and he can easily connect his phone to it to wirelessly play his favorite tunes. 

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