Angelo Sosa’s Spicy Crab Fried Rice Recipe Will Reignite Your Taste Buds

A bowl of crab fried rice

Photo courtesy of Kembara

This labor of love will result in a dinner you won’t soon forget.

If you love fried rice, chances are you’ve tried your hand at a simple version of the dish comprised of white rice, basic seasonings, and a handful of frozen peas and carrots. While we adore a fundamental take on a tried-and-true classic, sometimes we’re in search of something more complex: Enter Angelo Sosa’s flavorful, crab fried rice.

Angelo Sosa is a chef, restauranteur, and two-time Top Chef contestant. Despite his busy schedule, however, he’s found the time to share the crab fried rice that he whips up at his restaurant, Kembara. The recipe calls for luscious lump crab meat seasoned with oyster sauce, which adds a savory boost of umami. The decadent dish also gets plenty of fresh flavors from sugar snap peas, carrots, and corn (he shared a few fitting substitutes if corn is out of season).

You’ll also notice that the recipe calls for curry leaves. If you can’t find some at your neighborhood market, keep in mind that curry leaves are available online (though a local hunt for a new, exciting ingredient can sometimes bring a much-needed dash of adventure to otherwise ordinary errand-running). Similarly, if you don’t have access to the fresh Thai chilis that are folded into the rice, Sosa says that dried arbol chiles are a fantastic substitute. Either chili will add a tongue-tingling burst of spice.

Angelo Sosa’s Crab Fried Rice Recipe

Serves 4-6 | 25-30 minutes


1.5 oz. grapeseed oil

2 eggs, whisked

1 oz. minced ginger and garlic, mixed

2 oz. onion, sliced thinly

1 oz. carrot, julienned

4 oz. fresh, raw corn, cut off cob (when corn isn’t in season, substitute edamame, stink beans, or fava beans)

5 Thai chilis, toasted and smashed

10 oz. cooked jasmine rice

4 oz. lump crab

6 tbsp. oyster sauce

Kosher diamond crystal salt

1 oz. sugar snap peas, blanched and cut on a bias

1/2 tsp. ground white pepper

2 tbsp. scallions, cut on a bias

12 pieces of hand-crushed curry leaves


  1. Add oil and egg into a heated wok. Fry until scrambled, then remove.
  2. Add ginger, garlic, and onions (add more oil, as needed). Cook lightly.
  3. Add carrots and corn; cook until slightly tender.
  4. Add smashed and toasted Thai chilies. Cook on high heat to begin to establish “wok-e” flavor.
  5. Add rice and cook quickly.
  6. Finally, add lump crab, oyster sauce, salt, snap peas, and white pepper. Cook quickly.
  7. Finish cooking when adding scallions and curry leaves and toss well, and serve. Ensure some curry leaves are on top as a garnish.

Recipe courtesy of Kembara.