How To Find Second Hand Style Deals Online

Shopping second-hand is better for the environment — and for your own closet. It allows you to express your own personal style through unique, one-of-a-kind items. More importantly, it stops more clothing from entering the rack-to-landfill pipeline. (One 2016 McKinsey report found “for every five garments produced, the equivalent of three items end up in a landfill or incinerated each year.”)

So now that you understand that this is a “win-win” situation, let’s take a look at how you can find affordable second-hand clothing online for spring. Luckily, the business has been booming in past years, so there are many different ways you can find things. (P.S. Send any questions you have about thrifting here.)

DePop, the “quirky, artistic collective” 

First up, we have DePop, a London-based vintage marketplace. Millennials and Gen Z alike have fallen in love with the platform — for its user-friendly interface that has a “Discover” page very similar to Instagram’s. The platform has many artsy, off-the-cuff, unique pieces. You can even find gorgeous homemade jewelry! 

DePop also has a handy search engine where you can narrow down items to find what you’re looking for. If you’re ordering more than one item from a shop, make sure to check if it does “bundle” deals. 

Poshmark, the “girl next door”  

Compared to DePop, Poshmark is “the girl next door” of online second hand marketplaces. It usually features styles from more mainstream brands. (Think Lululemon, Nike, American Eagle Outfitters.) 

Unlike DePop, Poshmark is easy to use on your mobile and your browser — which is great if you prefer shopping from your laptop. One fun feature: Sellers often host virtual shopping parties to promote their merch. (Weekend plans, anyone?)

The Real Real, the “high-end, cosmopolitan shopping experience” 

Unlike the first two platforms which allow people to sell more general items, the Real Real sells “authenticated luxury consignment.” You’ll find high end, pricier designer items here. 

Depending on what you’re looking for, this could be a great place to go for wedding attire or nice office wear. The Real Real has an especially extensive selection of accessories, designer handbags and shoes. (Carrie Bradshaw would approve!) 

ThredUp, the “classic thrift store of your dreams”

If you love deals, that makes two of us. And ThredUp is the place to go if you’re looking for deals. The platform has a huge selection of brands (more than 35,000!), and you can usually find things at a pretty low cost. 

With categories for plus sizes and maternity wear, there’s something for everyone on ThredUp. It also has this fun feature called the “Goody Box,” where you can pay a virtual personal stylist to pick out 10 items for you to fit your style, size, and budget. If you’re a fan of upcycling or sewing, you can order a “Rescue Box,” which comes with items that need some fixing.

Mercari, the “holistic marketplace”

Mercari, a Japanese e-commerce company, specializes in selling not only clothes, but also electronics and home goods, like kitchen wear, games, puzzles and more. Its layout is pretty simple, and frill-free.

Like most of the other platforms on the list, you can use Mercari on your phone or browser.

Local favorites

Beyond these platforms, there’s a wealth of more local thrift stores you can find on Instagram. Some have brick-and-mortar locations, while others are strictly virtual.

We especially love @iamthatshop, which is based in Portland, True Vintage, based in London, Awoke Vintage, based in Brooklyn, Joint Custody, based in D.C., and Lucky Vintage, based in Seattle.

Written by staff writer Amanda Svachula.