Ask Bobbi Brown: How to Get the Perfect Eye and Brow Look

Bobbi Brown

You asked, she answered: Bobbi’s here with the solutions to all of your eye and eyebrow makeup questions.

If you let your eyebrows go untouched during the pandemic, you’re not alone. Whether you’re masking up when you go out or not, your eyes and eyebrows are still the first things anyone notices when they look at your face. So how do you make sure they look flawless, especially if your eyebrows are thinning or you’ve developed deep creases in your eyes? If you’re in need of some guidance, leave it to us — or should we say, leave it to the goddess of all things gorgeous, Bobbi Brown. We sent the Jones Road Beauty founder and makeup mogul all of your questions about how to keep your eyes and eyebrows looking fresh, and she’s got some great advice for us all. 

Bobbi Brown’s Eyebrow and Eye Makeup Tips

I’m 55, what’s the best way to do my eyes for the evening without stuff settling into creases and folds?

“Always prep the eyelid and brow bone with a neutral-colored matte shadow first. Then, whatever color shadow you put on top of it will lock into place and not crease. For an evening look, you also want to swap out your brown or navy eyeliner for a black liner. Finally, add a few coats of really black mascara and you’ll have that beautiful contrast that creates the perfect evening look.”

I have dark pigmentation under my eyes and I’m over 50. What concealer should I wear?

“Try using a corrector under your concealer to neutralize some of the dark pigmentation. I like using these face pencils for a controlled, smooth application, especially over the eye cream. They come in 25 different shades so can match any skin tone.”

My eyebrows are thinning as I age. Help! What can I do?

“Fill in your brows using an eyebrow pencil in the color of your hair, not darker. I have found that using a fatter pencil makes brows look thickest. I prefer pencils or a shadow over liquid options because they are much more controllable and give a more natural look. Right now, I’m obsessed with the Jones Road Brow Pencils. They have these tiny hairlike fibers in them that add dimension and fullness to your brows. Plus, they are waterproof so are perfect for the summer when you are at the beach or the pool!”

What’s the best way to keep eyebrows groomed — plucking, threading, or waxing? 

“I’m a big fan of tweezing because you can really control where you’re taking hair off. I only use Tweezerman tweezers and I have multiple sets. I always have a pair of them in my makeup bag and I also keep a set of Tweezers in my car. The absolute best place to spot stray brow hairs is in the natural light so the car is a great place to do a quick brow check.”

How do you choose an eyeshadow color that’s right for you? 

“If you stick with neutral shades like taupes, grays, browns, it simplifies everything because these colors look great on everyone.  And to add contrast and open up the eyes, use a good eyeliner that’s darker than your shadow for good contrast and add a couple of coats of black mascara.”

I want to wear waterproof mascara in the summer because anything else runs. Is it really bad for your lashes, and is there an ideal way to take it off at night?

“It’s OK to wear a waterproof mascara — just make sure you buy a special eye makeup remover that will gently take it off at night.”