Celeb Organizers From ‘The Home Edit’ Reveal the Secrets to Getting Organized

The Home Edit duo Clea and Joanna with Reese Witherspoon


We asked Joanna and Clea for tips to get organized and stay organized.

Ah, getting organized — the struggle to declutter, clean, categorize…and repeat. If you’re like us and unsure of where to start, don’t throw in the towel just yet. We turned to the experts: Clea and Joanna of The Home Edit, a professional organizing service headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee (yes, the ones from the Netflix show Get Organized).

They spoke to us about their organizational techniques, shared tips on how to declutter, and even told us about their favorite products that can help you organize your space.

The most important tip: “Start small and give yourself plenty of gold stars along the way.”

Katie Couric Media: What do you all think it is about The Home Edit’s organizational techniques that have garnered such a following?

Joanna and Clea: Our goal from the very beginning was to change the way people think about organizing. It doesn’t have to be a chore, it’s actually a form of self-care…and can be fun! We’re also all about setting realistic expectations. No one should try to tackle their home all at once. Start small and give yourself plenty of gold stars along the way. Nothing feels better than transforming your space into something functional, beautiful, and easy to maintain. It’s a system!

What steps does The Home Edit take when starting out in any space?

Start every project with an edit. This means removing every item from the space, grouping them into categories, and purging what you no longer want or need. Only then can you decide on a functional system that best fits your space and the items that live there.

For those out there who are new to The Home Edit, what are the five best products to get started?

Bins: They can be open bins, woven bins, or stackable bins — all that matters is that items are contained in designated zones. We’re big fans of these.

Turntables: Provides easy access to items in hard-to-reach spaces. We designed a set for The Container Store.

Drawer Inserts: For containing items in categories. An empty space with no system leads to clutter. We recommend mixing and matching these Bisley drawer organizers so you always have something to fit your needs.

Canisters: So helpful for containing and providing easy access to smaller items. Marie Kondo ceramic conister is stunning and efficient.

Labels: The key to long-term maintenance! Labels are a set of instructions to where items live and where they should be put away. We designed a set of pre-made labels that will help you stay organized and chic.

What’s the biggest mistake you see clients make when organizing a space?

Thinking they need to tackle their entire house at once. It’s just not realistic and will leave you feeling overwhelmed. Instead, start with a drawer! The knowledge and confidence you gain from a smaller project will motivate you to tackle the larger portions.

What’s The Home Edit’s rule of thumb for donating or tossing old clothes and avoiding clutter?

Make a pact with yourself and have a bag for donation, a bag for “this is going to my friend’s house”, and maybe a bag to sell. Be honest with yourself. Are you going to sell it or is it going to just sit there? Don’t leave those piles where they are. Immediately put them in your car, because otherwise, they will creep their way back into where you cleared them from. Piles have legs!