30 Lovable Valentine’s Day Gifts Available on Amazon

collage of gifts from amazon


Need a last-minute gem? 

Valentine’s Day is one of those celebrations that creeps up on you — if you choose to even acknowledge it. After our December holiday shopping haul, it’s a little too soon if you ask us. But until we learn how to change the date of a holiday, we’ll be here to help you find Valentine’s Day gifts.

If you lost track of time in the return and exchange craze that commences come January and forgot to shop for Valentine’s Day, don’t panic buy a box of chocolate from the grocery store (unless that’s really what your loved one wants!). Log on to Amazon to take advantage of their quick shipping and wide selection. Whether you’re shopping for a picky partner or a mom who appreciates fine jewelry, there’s always a good present to be found among the hundreds of thousands of products listed on the site. It’s a double-edged sword, though — the sheer volume of items available can be overwhelming to sift through. That’s where we come in.

We searched page after page to curate a list of the very best Valentine’s Day gifts that Amazon has to offer. From the hottest gadgets of 2023 to fluffy slippers up to 40 percent off, here are 30 useful, thoughtful, and romantic gifts on Amazon right now.

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The Best Valentine’s Day Gifts on Amazon 2023

LANEIGE Lip Sleeping Mask


If you want kissable lips for Valentine’s Day, this is the ticket to get them. Laneige’s cult-favorite lip mask is packed with berry fruit complex, murumuru seed, and shea butter to hydrate and heal lips that have gone through a hellish winter, leading the wearer to a softer smack. 

$24 at Amazon

Mini Projector


Fact: Movies make great dates. Going to the movies is a date-night tradition that we lost during the pandemic. And now that it feels safe to return, movie theaters have lost their appeal. (We remember when movie tickets cost $5!). But that doesn’t mean you can’t indulge in this old-fashioned-feeling activity. Invest in a mini projector to turn your living room into a dimly lit oasis. Watching a movie on the “big screen” in HD, which this little gadget provides, you’ll forget you’re at home and get shocked when you stand up and find the floor not sticky. You can also set this up in your backyard, hang up some string lights, grab a couple of cozy blankets, and have a theatrical experience that’s way more romantic than your local cineplex.

$90 at Amazon

Unisex Fanny Pack


This bag rivals lululemon’s always-sold-out belt bag. And not only is this one in stock, but it costs a fraction of the price of the “original.”

$19 at Amazon

THE COMFY Original


Feeling safe and secure is a major component of feeling loved. If you’re looking to package that feeling up and gift it to someone, you can do just that with this oversized, microfiber wearable blanket lined in cozy sherpa. This also makes for a fun surprise for any Shark Tank enthusiast, which this company was featured on.

$50 at Amazon

Rechargeable Vibrator


We say show yourself some love every day, but now is a great time to start. We have a ton of sexpert-approved vibrators in our guide, but if you prefer the convenience of Amazon Prime shipping, you can’t get much better than this affordable option. With 20 vibrating patterns, 8 speeds, and over 26,000 customer reviews, this stimulator will satisfy solo or with your partner.


$25 at Amazon

Apple AirPods Pro (2nd Generation)


Better sound quality, new controls, and tracking updates made Apple’s AirPods Pro a great gift for any occassion. You can read our full review of them here or just buy them now and let your lucky recipient decide whether they’re worth the hype. (Spoiler alert: They are.)

$239 at Amazon

Tortoise Shell Apple Watch Band


Help your Apple Watch-wearing loved one upgrade from a silicone band to something a bit more sophisticated, like this tortoise shell option. It’s fully adjustable, so it will fit just about anyone’s wrist. Plus, the strong resin is both waterproof and sweat-proof, so it won’t leave any weird discoloration on their arms.

$16 at Amazon

Eu’Genia Shea Everyday Shea Butter


Skin that’s smooth to the touch is addicting. This simple yet wildly effective and popular lotion is a good product to be addicted to because it’s made from natural ingredients like shea butter and lavender essential oil — and it’s affordable.

$15 at Amazon

Kindle Paperwhite


If you know a book lover who’s quickly running out of shelf space, you pretty much need to get them a Kindle. Sara Levine, self-proclaimed bookworm at Katie Couric Media, says her Kindle changed her life. (And her living room, and her back — all for the better.) This one is completely waterproof (so it can be used by the pool or in the bath), has a backlight option for reading in bed, and can store thousands of books in one tiny tablet. It sure beats packing seven hardcover books for a three-day vacation.

$140 at Amazon

Bose SoundLink Flex Speaker


Custom mixtapes used to be the ultimate romantic gesture. No one has a tape player anymore, so the next best thing is a personalized playlist and a high quality device to listen to it on, like this portable speaker that offers super clear sound, is waterproof, and is small enough to take anywhere. Now, you just have to work on the playlist.

$149 at Amazon

Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer


This popular gift has a hefty price tag, but maybe you want to treat someone to something really nice. If so, this Dyson hairdryer is a top-notch choice: It uses the latest technology to dry hair ultra-quickly with minimal damage, and it comes with a sleek storage case to keep dust out.

$568 at Amazon

Wacaco Portable Espresso Maker


If they’re not a morning person, this personal espresso machine might turn them into one. And if they do thrive in the early hours, they’ll be even more excited to get out of bed when they have this gadget waiting for them. This device will deliver a professional-grade drink to their mug with shockingly little effort required: It boils the water and pulls the espresso shot all in one.

$55 at Amazon

Ember Temperature Control Mug


What’s a fancy espresso without an impressive mug to drink it from? This one will keep a beverage warm for up to 1.5 hours. Even better? Your giftee can control the temperature from an app.

$125 at Amazon

Makeup Eraser


Professional makeup artists and beauty influencers alike are moving away from single-use makeup remover wipes to avoid wastefulness and skin irritation. Most people are investing in reusable cloths, and we’re totally on board. This super soft option is ideal for sensitive skin, is dermatologist recommended, and doesn’t even need a removing solution. It has over 26,000 glowing reviews, many of which suggest getting it sopping wet so the towel glides smoothly.

$20 at Amazon

HomeMate Heated Blanket


‘Tis the season for heated home accessories. Want to share some warmth with a loved one this Valentine’s Day? Get a heated blanket big enough for two to cuddle under. This smart style utilizes intelligent technology to automatically adjust the temperature according to the environment, so you never have to worry about it overheating. (And it’ll save energy — what’s more romantic than that?)

$38 at Amazon

Sweater Lounge Set


A lounge set that can take someone from their bed to their brunch is the ultimate gift. (Don’t judge us for going out in the same clothes we slept in.) This sweatsuit combo is super cozy yet sort of chic thanks to the flared pant legs. It’s got over 25,000 rave reviews and is made of an on-trend knit fabric in 11 colors.

$52 at Amazon

Engraved Birth Month Flower Necklace Set


Valentine’s Day is the holiday for personalized gifts. And if you think Amazon and personalization don’t live in the same world, you’ll be surprised by their custom offerings. Some are pretty innovative, like this layered necklace. Unlike the more obvious inclusion of birthstone gems, this accessory features birth flowers in a dainty little drawn design on a gold pendant. It’s on-trend, thanks to the two contrasting chains, yet timeless thanks to the simple design. And they’ll think of your thoughtful gift-giving prowess every time they wear it.

$79 at Amazon

Lonxu Satin Pajama Set


Luxurious pajamas don’t have to cost a fortune. These are made from silky satin fabric that’s stretchy and flattering, so it skims over your body in all the right places without feeling clingy. This set comes in sizes XS to 3XL, so you could stock up for all your friends and family if you’d like.

$25 at Amazon

Graze by Suzanne Lenzer


For the the person who loves to host, consider gifting them the ultimate charcuterie board cookbook. Technically, cooking isn’t really involved in graze board creation, but this will provide a major dose of inspiration when it comes to arrangement, food pairings, and display options. Plus, the photos are gorgeous to look at.

$17 at Amazon

Acacia Wood Charcuterie Board Set


In addition to the above book, give them a secondary gift that allows them to test out their skills. This solid wood board comes with three cheese knives that nest inside the board when they’re not being used to cut cheese, and there are three ceramic bowls to hold pickles, olives, or nuts that rest in place, too.

$55 at Amazon

Aloono Cocktail Shaker


If they prefer things shaken (or stirred), then they’ll love this 15-piece cocktail shaker set. Not only does it have all the tools they need to go from home bartender to full-on mixologist, but everything can be housed in a sleek display stand to keep it nice and organized.

$58 at Amazon

Cashmere Pom-Pom Beanie


Keep their head cozy and warm with this luxe cashmere beanie. The furry pom-pom is removable, giving it two different styling options, and the beanie itself is double-layered to really hold in heat. Whether they regularly hit the slopes or prefer to stay snuggled up inside, this hat will keep them from feeling a chill.

$28 at Amazon

Parlovable Fuzzy Slippers


The famous furry UGG slippers aren’t in everyone’s budget, which is why we love this lookalike pair that costs less than $25. If you have a ton of people on your list, even better — these soft slippers have almost 30,000 glowing reviews, and they come in enough colors that you might even be able to avoid repeats.

$23 at Amazon

UGG Fluff Yeah Slippers


If you do want to splurge on some UGG slippers, this is the pair to get. Right now, certain colors are up to 30 percent off full price, including this pink style. They’re made with the same soft shearling UGG boots are made from, so they’re sure to please any feet.

$70 at Amazon

Beast Blender and Infusion Bottle


Blenders are a practical gift that no one thinks to get for themselves. And yes, they used to be considered an insultingly boring gift, until they got a makeover. This one isn’t your mom’s old blender — it’s practically a decor piece. And it’s not just aesthetically pleasing; it also has a powerful motor and sharp blades that can demolish ice and blend fruit in seconds. Commerce editor Katie Pittman uses hers daily to make protein smoothies, but also loves making soups and sauces in it. This one comes with an infusion water bottle, too.

$195 at Amazon

JW PEI Women’s Gabbi Ruched Hobo Handbag


For the sustainable fashionista, consider this faux leather handbag made from recycled plastic bottles. It comes in 15 different hues, ranging from neutral to neon, and is just big enough to hold the essentials. Katie Couric Media’s digital editor Maggie Parker has it in brown, and likes that the unique structured yet scrunchy shape toes the line between casual and formal.

$80 at Amazon

Orolay Women’s Thickened Down Jacket


Orolay’s warm coat has been on the scene for a few years now, but that won’t stop us from recommending it to everyone we know. Buyers rave that it makes going out purse-less in the cold possible — there are enough pockets in this coat that you’ll never need a bag while wearing it. So if you’re familiar with the struggle of trying to get the strap of your bag over your puffer coat sleeve, this is the coat for you.

$150 at Amazon

Harlem Candle Company Speakeasy Luxury Scented Candle


We always suggest stocking up on candles for Valentine’s Day, just in case you forgot someone on your list and need a last-minute gift. Harlem Candle Company is one of our favorite brands. With scents like this Speakeasy candle that has notes of incense, bourbon, and tobacco, your loved one will be instantly transported to an intimate jazz bar (sans the loud horns and cigar smoke).

$48 at Amazon

OXO Cold Brew Coffee Maker


Help them get their cold brew fix at home with this ingenious cold brew maker. The compact size makes it easy to store (either while brewing or when not in use), and it’s fun to operate. The cold brew steeps in the top portion of the contraption, and when you’re ready for some java, simply place it on top of the carafe and watch it drip into the glass below.

$27 at Amazon