Always Loved Katie’s Clothes? Now You Can Buy Them (for a Good Cause)

Katie Couric ThredUp dress

Shop Katie Couric’s closet on thredUP to benefit Stand Up To Cancer

If you loved the Armani blazer Katie wore on her last day hosting TODAY, or the gorgeous gown she wore to the White House Correspondents Dinner in 2015, you’re in luck: those very pieces can be all yours.

Katie has partnered with thredUP to sell clothing from her 40+ year broadcasting career — best of all, 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the charity she co-founded, Stand Up To Cancer. (Every dollar will go toward supporting the many scientists working day in and day out to build better treatments for cancer.) All these incredible pieces are available for sale as of 9am EST today, and you can check them out right here!

Like so many of us, Katie was inspired to clean out her closet post-pandemic. So she called on thredUP to help her sort through hundreds of items — it’s one of the largest online thrift stores, where millions of women buy and sell gently used clothing. Together, they identified over 250 (!) pieces she’ll be listing for sale and passing along, including designer clothing from Armani and Oscar de la Renta.

Katie’s the first celebrity in thredUP’s “Shop Their Closets” series, devoted to post-pandemic closet purges of notable people. “I was in need of a full closet refresh,” says Katie,”and thredUP made it easy for me to clean out hundreds of items — most of which I’ve only worn once.”

Says Katie, “I’m passionate about sustainability and I’m happy to give these amazing outfits a second life by passing them on to women who’ll wear and love them.”

Katie’s selling lots of pieces with incredible memories attached to them. Here’s some of our favorites.

The Armani blazer she wore on her last day hosting TODAY:

Says Katie, “The day I wore this blazer was so bittersweet for me. I had co-hosted TODAY for 15 years — I joined at a time when men were still in control, and trying to get the broads out of broadcasting. Wearing this blazer on my last day at TODAY made me feel powerful, and gave me the confidence I needed to leave behind something that was such a big part of my life . I hope the next woman who wears it feels equally confident and powerful.”

The gown she wore to the 2015 Met Gala:

“I absolutely loved wearing this gown — these types of events make my job feel so surreal, wearing a ball gown, surrounded by movie stars,” Katie says. “I remember running up the famous steps to grab Cher for an interview, and this was the night I met Amal Clooney! I love giving this dress a second life because there’s nothing I could ever wear it to again, but I could never imagine having it hang in my closet forever or worse, ending up in a landfill. This dress deserves to be out on the town!”

The gown she wore to the 2015 White House Correspondents dinner:

“Carmen Marc Valvo is a dear friend of mine, and his designs are always such a dream to wear,” says Katie. “I was so comfortable in this dress, chatting with all of the incredible people in the room! So comfortable, I even sat on Jenna Dewan’s lap! With events returning again, I hope someone else can feel as good as I did in this dress, hopefully while getting silly with some girlfriends.” (Photo by Olivier Douliery-Pool/Getty Images)

Another Armani blazer, which Katie wore on her first day at CBS Evening News:

“Armani blazers hold a special significance to me,” says Katie. “This is the second one I chose for a major life moment! The fact that it’s a white blazer was actually a secret message to viewers: Wearing suffragette white felt meaningful to me as the first solo woman to head an evening news program.”

You can start shopping Katie’s closet at 9am EST today! And with all proceeds from the sale going to Stand Up To Cancer, you can feel extra-good about buying these amazing pieces. Happy shopping!