A Working Mom On Fitting In Self Care Right Now

 Blogger Jehava Brown on cultivating a healthy routine while raising three boys during a pandemic

With Covid-19 cases on the rise, and flu season upon us, you want to be prepared for whatever comes your way: to help you out, we’re spotlighting some immunity-boosting fitness, nutrition and sleep hygiene tips, with our friends at Sleep Number. Read on for some routine-inspo…

In light of National Family Caregivers Month, today we’re spotlighting a caregiver: Jehava Brown is a lifestyle blogger based in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. She’s also the mother of three boys, who’s trying to figure out how to balance her job — and helping them with virtual schooling  — during the pandemic. 

Here, she told Wake-Up Call about how she’s staying healthy and taking care of herself and her family during these difficult times… 


My kids had a hybrid school schedule, but with the recent rise in Covid-19 cases, all three of my boys are now taking virtual classes from home every day. They are 15, 12 and 6. I work full-time as a blogger from home. Managing running a business, while helping my kids with their schooling has been challenging to say the least. I still make sure that everyone gets up early around 6:30 a.m, to get dressed, eat breakfast and get started by 8 a.m. 

I place my computer desk right next to my youngest, who is in first grade, so that I can easily help him throughout the day while I get work done as well. There are lots of Zoom calls, and school activities until noon, where we all get a lunch break. Each of my kids has a designated space in our home, and that has definitely helped them stay focused. I encourage them to take five- to 10-minute breaks throughout the day to keep themselves going, as virtual school can be pretty tedious. Outside time, having a fun lunch to look forward to, and time to unwind after school, also helps them a lot.


We usually have some family time at night — which usually involves watching a show and catching up on our days. The kids then start bedtime, or read in their rooms, so my husband and I can spend some time together and talk about our days. Then I head to bed around 10 p.m. During all of this, the top thing I’ve been doing lately to take care of my mental and physical health is getting a good night’s sleep. I always sleep eight hours. I am an early riser and I go to bed at a decent time.  

Before bed every night, I wash my face, brush my teeth, try to put away electronics and read a book. I have put a lot of effort into making the decor of my room really relaxing, and we really love our Sleep Number bed. My husband likes a harder bed, and I love a softer bed, so being able to change our settings helps us both get the best night’s sleep!


A month ago, we purchased a workout bike, a Peloton, that has been great for the whole family to get on and stay active. I have been exercising every other day on the bike in the basement or outside. 

Our family is very active, so even with the colder temps, my older boys bundle up and play basketball outside each day. We also have a basement where there are multiple games and activities they can take part in. We recently got a dog, which has been so helpful to encourage us to get moving. 


I buy oranges on a regular basis, as my family loves the easy-peel ones. We drink lots of juice, smoothies and water. I cook on a regular basis, so I plan my meals out to always include a good amount of vegetables and healthy proteins. We all take daily vitamins as well! 


Talking to a friend or family member every single day to make sure I am getting that connection with others is really helpful to me. I also make sure I incorporate some fun into my day, whether that’s watching a favorite show over lunch or reading a book before bed. All of these things are super helpful!

It’s been hard to not see those outside of my household. I miss hosting friends and family. But I think this time has shown me the importance of investing in my home, because it’s so much easier being home when you like the space you are in. Also, I have enjoyed getting more family time in.