What’s Jordana Reading: 3 Books to Read This Weekend

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Jordana Zizmor who runs @WhatsJordanaReading shares her top three reads for the weekend

Meet Jordana Zizmor. She’s the woman behind the Instagram account @WhatsJordanaReading. Each week, Jordana posts reviews of her latest reads along with her signature ‘What’s Jordana Reading’ sticker. And yes, she actually reads the books. Jordana is here to share her favorite books and recommendations for your weekend. Check it out:

#1 ‘Wintering’ by Katherine May

“This book is so perfectly timed for this pandemic winter. It’s as ‘of the moment’ as you can get, especially as the weather starts to get colder and we really need to hunker down and stay home. The author writes about winter as a season, but it also refers to a time when you just feel cut off from everything or have to deal with not great things. The author’s husband got an illness and her son stopped going to school. Wintering forces you to slow down and teaches you to embrace and learn from it.”

Buy Here – $22

#2 ‘Frontier Follies’ by Ree Drummond

“I have been a big fan of Ree Drummond’s blog Pioneer Woman since she got started. It’s fascinating to me how she built this following and has everything from product lines to a cooking show. This book talks about Ree’s home life with her family as well as what it’s like on their ranch. The book is light and absorbing and as close as we are going to get to a ‘beach read’ right now!”

Buy Here – $20

#3 ‘V2’ by Robert Harris

“If you want a great fast paced historical novel about the V2 Rocket and World War II, this is for you. Alongside the story of the rocket is the less widely known story about how the British tried to take down the rockets. This book is fast-paced and interesting and you will most definitely learn something new.”

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Jordana Zizmor grew up in New York City where she worked in the city government’s Community Affairs and also in tech startups. She later founded a hospitality-focused social media business and co-founded Zero G Kitchen, which operates the first commercial kitchen on the International Space Station. 

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