Weekend Whats: Paris Hilton

I just had a chat with Paris Hilton ⬆️ about her new documentary. Today, she's taking over our Weekend Whats...

Paris Hilton

What to Watch: My new documentary This Is Paris, on my YouTube channel.

What to Support: Please head over to Change.org and sign the petition to end abuse in the troubled teen industry, starting with the shut down of Provo Canyon School.

What to Read: Shortcut Your Startup by my boyfriend, Carter Reum.

What to Cook: My famous Sliving Lasagna. When I was a little girl, I would always help my mom in the kitchen when she made pastas and lasagnas. I’ve been cooking as much as possible during quarantine — I absolutely love it!

What I’ll Be Wearing: My Juicy Couture tracksuit* *KCM found a similar look to Paris’ outfit here

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