Weekend Whats: Daniel Franzese

Daniel Franzese

The Mean Girls star shares his favorite watches and listens

If you watched my Mean Girls reunion last week, you’ll know that Daniel Franzese, aka Damian, is thriving. He currently cohosts Yass Jesus, a “podcast that believes you don’t have to pick between gay and God.” (We’ll explore where Daniel is now next week!) Today, he’s graciously offered some recs for your weekend…

What to watch: Ratched on Netflix. Superb performance by Sarah Paulson with this queer reimagining of a classic literary and film character.

What to follow: @ira on Twitter, @ariscetocrat and @david.the.gay on Instagram.

What to read: The Guncle Guide

 What to Cook: I am obsessed with 4 ingredient grape sorbet. Blend frozen grapes with honey, lime and mint leaves until smooth and creamy. Freeze for 4 hours, scoop and serve!

What I’ll be Wearing: “I’m voting no matter what” shirt from GLAAD and a denim mask.”