Filmmaker Ken Burns On How To Spend Your Saturday

"The Vietnam War" Premiere - 2017 Tribeca Film Festival

Katie recently sat down with her friend Ken Burns and his co-director Lynn Novick, to discuss their new documentary, Hemingway. Burns and Novick, gave you lucky readers some recommendations for how to spend this spring weekend.

What to watch:

Burns: As you know, Katie, I have four daughters. I still have a ten-year-old at home and she directs me to stuff. She recently made me watch The Good Place, and it was fantastic. I just also rewatched Homeland, and a guilty pleasure of mine is Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, because I hate everything else on the cooking channel. I don’t know why everything’s about competition. Food is a win-win situation! 

Novick: I like watching television that wasn’t made in the United States.
I love Borgen.

What to read:

Burns: I’m reading Hemingway right now, because of the film. Also, one of the writers on our film is Mary Karr, a memoirist. I’m reading her stuff and she’s so great. She’s so honest. Right now, I’m reading The Liar’s Club. I also have some of her poetry, which is just as fantastic. I’ve become more interested in poetry in general in the last year or so. 

Novick: I think the best book I read this year was Circe by Madeline Miller.

What to listen to:

Burns: I mostly listen to jazz and bluegrass. I like the early guys, like Bill Monroe, and Flatt & Scruggs and the Foggy Mountain Boys. I also love the Beatles. Their music is timeless!

Novick: The Lolita Podcast.

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