Food Blogger Dan Pelosi On How To Spend Your Easter Weekend

Dan Pelosi

Mamma mia! Italian-American recipe-maker Dan Pelosi is taking over this week’s Weekend Whats!

Called “an avid home cook and quippy fashionista” by the NYT, Pelosi serves up yummy comfort food on his popular food blog and Instagram account, GrossyPelosi. Below, he offers some recommendations for what to cook, what to eat, and more, this weekend…

What to cook:

I recently revealed my Antipasti Deviled Eggs recipe to the world. This recipe is a tribute to my beloved Uncle Phil, who famously would show up to any family event with either an antipasti platter or a deviled egg platter. This recipe is a combo of both. Think of it as a choose-your-own deviled egg adventure. You start with creating three different fillings for the eggs: Garlicky Paprika, Roasted Red Pepper, or Basil Pesto, and then you add bite-sized classic Antipasti accessories like meats, cheeses, and marinated vegetables on top of each egg as you (or your guests) see fit. 

What to watch:

Veneno on HBO. Veneno tells the story of the ’90s transgender icon Christina Ortiz. The show takes you through every part of her life and fascinating journey. It’s a brilliant commentary on family, gender and media. One minute I was laughing hysterically and the next just absolutely weeping. This show is so important and one of the best things I have seen in a very long time. I cannot recommend it enough. 

What to read:

Cook This Book by Molly Baz. My dear friend, amazing chef Molly Baz, is launching her first cookbook on April 20th. I am lucky enough to have an advanced copy, as well as to have tested some recipes as Molly wrote the book. I can tell you that it is stunning, radiant and a true source of comfort, just like Molly herself. Oh, and every recipe has a QR code that takes you right to a video on your phone that helps you with each recipe. Brilliant! Pre-order it now!! 

What to listen to:

POOG Podcast is hosted by two of my favorite minds, Kate Berlant and Jacqueline Novak, who discuss the wild world of the “wellness” industry from every angle imaginable. I have been following Kate’s brilliant comedic work for a long time and saw Jacqueline’s one-woman show Get On Your Knees a few years back and was truly stunned by how hilarious and unique it was. On POOG, they test products, discuss wellness concepts, openly thirst for free swag and usually stray so far away from the topics at hand with their ingenious commentary that you cannot help but love the journey AND the destination. 

What to buy for your kitchen:

The Moccamaster. The ritual of waking up early in the morning and brewing a perfect pot of coffee, savoring every sip, and taking it all in is truly the best part of my day, hands down. Work-from-home life has kept my Moccamaster very busy and, thus, me very happy. It’s the perfect mix of design and function, comes in no less than 30 different colors, and makes the smoothest pot of coffee I have ever tasted. Add to cart! 

Where to eat (if you’re in NYC!):

Ciao, Gloria is a cafe in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn that happens to have the absolute best BEC (bacon, egg and cheese) sandwich in New York City. The eggs are a perfect little square frittata, topped with thick-cut bacon and melted cheddar, all on a house-made everything brioche bun slathered with a nice Calabrian chili aioli. I am crying a little just thinking about it now. I walk 30 minutes to earn that sandwich most Saturday morning, and always walk home with a few of my favorite Italian tricolor or classic black and white cookies in my bag.

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