Ask Bobbi Brown: Beauty Hacks That Any Woman Can Conquer

Bobbi Brown applying makeup

The makeup expert answers your questions about skincare and more

A couple of weeks ago, we asked our Wake-Up Call readers to let us know if they had any beauty questions for our absolute favorite makeup expert and Jones Road Beauty founder, Bobbi Brown. And of course, in true Bobbi form, she delivered in spades. She shared tips about perking up tired eyes, finding the right concealer, how to boost thinning eyelashes, and much, much more. If you have any questions for Bobbi — either about makeup, health and wellness, or how she’s continued to be such a beautiful powerhouse all these years — write to us at info@katiecouric, and Bobbi might just answer your question in a future article.

Readers: Should people moisturize their face in the morning or at night?

Bobbi Brown: You should moisturize whenever your skin feels dry. I do both, especially in the winter. Mostly you just have to pay attention and adjust as needed.

What is the one skincare product you recommend splurging on?

A good SPF. I personally use Supergoop which I love, and it’s all natural!

What is the most important item for menopausal skin?

A moisturizer and/or a face oil that helps plump the skin. Natural ingredients are key to look out for. My favorite face oil is under $10 — Apricot Kernel oil. I buy it from my local health foods store. If you have oily skin, then the most important item you can have is blotting papers.

How can I make a concealer look smooth on mature skin?

Find an eye cream that hydrates and absorbs into the firm areas to use before concealer. There are so many good and affordable brands from Beauty Pie to Versed, but the key is to find something all natural. You can always pat extra on as needed after application. 

What is the one product besides sunscreen I should use to help with aging? 

I’m a big fan of rich face balms as needed for dry skin. Also, blush helps a lot. 

I am a 63-year-old woman. My forehead is very dry. I use retinol cream – should I stop?

No, you can continue your retinol but add a moisturizer or face oil to your routine. Be sure to do this apart from when you put on your retinol cream. If you use retinol at night, then moisturize in the morning — or vice versa.

How do you get the right shade of foundation or concealer?

You really have to try them out. Choose the shade that blends right into the side of your face and on your forehead. Some people need two shades and it’s best to mix them.

I have a saggy neck and chin. How do I stop it from getting worse?

Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do other than going under the knife, which I don’t recommend (even though I know few people who have done so with great success). Also, there are lasers that can help tighten the skin. Speak to a cosmetic dermatologist to see if you’re a candidate. Go for stronger eye makeup or bump up the blush to divert attention. Most importantly, try to realize it’s a natural part of aging — we all go through it, and we have to stop obsessing over it.  

Is there really any solution for dark under eye circles, or do we just have to cover them up?

Make sure you’re drinking enough water, getting enough sleep, and avoiding super salty foods.

How to apply shadow to drooping eyelids?

Make sure the color isn’t too light. Apply a medium shade to the receding part of the eyelid to make it blend in. Also, use eyeliner and very black mascara to open up the eyes.

What can I do or use to open up these tired lids?

Mascara works wonders — go with two to three coats and gently press the lashes from under to curl. Also, highlighter, strategically applied to the lower eyelid or inner corner, helps to brighten.  

My eyelashes have just been disappearing as I get older – how do I make them look longer and what other methods can I do to help them grow?

There are many lash growth serums on the market. I’ve heard they work surprisingly well, although I’ve never personally tried any. A thickening and lengthening mascara makes the biggest difference in looking awake. 

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