Hit Your Next Party With the Perfect Host Gift in Hand

collage of housewarming gifts

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Strike a flawless balance between actually useful and nice to look at. 

Since the dawn of civilization, people have loved to party. Egyptians had a literal festival of drunkenness. Ancient Romans are famous for their Bacchanalia. And let’s not even talk about parties at Versaille (we’d be here all day). Whether you’re an introvert who prefers a small group bonfire, a social butterfly who loves a show-stopping gala, or a famous politician letting loose, it feels good to add an upcoming gathering to your social calendar.

There are usually a few stressors at hand, though. You probably dither for hours over what to wear, who to bring, and importantly, what to bring. It’s a chore that usually gets pushed off until it’s far too late, and we all know where that leaves us: At the market on the way to the party just to grab a mid-range bottle of wine. Or worse, you show up empty-handed.

Avoid the party foul with 11 thoughtful gifts for a host that suit a variety of personalities and occasions. Some picks are quirky, others are elegant, and all of them are sweet and memorable. Whether you’re visiting a friend’s new apartment or attending your first holiday party of the season, you’ll arrive excited to hand over these hand-picked goodies.

The Best Gifts for Party Hosts

Homeries Marble Wine Chiller


Here’s a practical yet pretty gift that can be put to immediate use. This wine chiller is crafted from 100 percent marble so it retains a cool temperature for hours. Simply pop this into the freezer for 15 minutes, then pull it out and place a bottle of wine inside. You can also gift this to a non-drinker since it doubles as a flower vase. 

Was $50 (30% off)

$35 at Amazon

Our Place Mini Always Pan

Our Place

Everyone always needs a reliable, non-stick, lidded pan. It’s one of the most versatile kitchen tools around, letting you braise, sear, steam, strain, sauté, and fry without a messy cleanup. This mini pan is incredibly giftable because it can be integrated into the tiniest of kitchens. Bonus points: This bad boy has a built-in spout for pouring out excess liquid, and it comes with its own beechwood spatula. 

Was $115

$86 at Our Place

Estelle Colored Glass Stemless Wine Glasses


This set of stemless wine glasses is the answer to all of your housewarming related prayers. They’re colorful without being wacky, subdued without being boring, and they come in 16 different colors. The deep jewel toned shades are perfect for a friend who likes dark decor, while the coral pink and mint green pastels will be fun for those who favor springtime shades.

$75 at Nordstrom

Acid League Tonics Set

Acid League

This set of tonics is an ideal gift if your host is interested in gut health or probiotics. It includes three bottles of raw, living apple cider vinegar with added functional ingredients in scrumptious flavors: coffee chaga maple, passion fruit Oolong, and vanilla Mānuka spice.

$60 at Acid League

Brightland Mini Essentials


If you’re attending a party thrown by a salad enthusiast or foodie, try out these gorgeous mini oil and vinegar bottles. The set includes two cold-pressed, extra virgin olive oils; one is for roasting and sauteing while the other is for fresh greens and bread. They’ll also receive one balsamic vinegar (with blackberry notes) and one champagne vinegar (with orange notes). 

$70 at Brightland

Haeckles De-Stress Soaking Salts


Chances are that your host will want to indulge in a self-care day after undergoing pre-party stress. Help things along by slipping them a bottle of soothing soaking salts. This formula combines Dead Sea salt, seaweed, sea buckthorn, and rosemary, clary sage, and arnica oils, so it smells like a dream. The addition of vitamin A means it hydrates skin while alleviating stress, too.  

$55 at Goodee World

Actually Curious Card Game

If your party host likes icebreakers, they’ll appreciate this cute, compact card game. Playing is pretty simple and low stakes (Settlers of Catan this is not), which will make it approachable to game-adverse partygoers. To facilitate conversation, this game poses intimate questions that ask after cherished memories, ambitions, and dreams. 

$25 at Madewell

House of Hampton Faux Fur Throw


There’s something special about a gifted blanket. It can make the recipient feel loved because is it literally provides them with softness and warmth. With over 1700 raving reviews, here’s a luxurious faux fur throw that buyers love. One reviewer exclaims that this throw is “​​Magically delicious! The absolute softness of the faux fur against my skin is soothing, calming and addictive. There’s no way I can ever settle for anything less again.”

Was $65 (45% off)

$36 at Wayfair

Brooklyn Candle Studio Minimalist Discovery Kit

Brooklyn Candle Studio

Candles are a gift that most people will reliably cherish, appreciate, and use. The only downside is that sometimes it’s hard to remember which scents your host loves (or hates). Do away with that anxiety by picking up this candle set, which includes a sampling of six different scents that range from sweet fig to palo santo. 

$20 at BK Candle

Urban Stems Bouquet

Urban Stems

A bouquet is a host gift that is guaranteed to never go out of style. But if you’re having trouble finding unique and eye-catching arrangements, consider Urban Stems’ offerings. This local harvest bouquet is a stunning burst of painterly color and texture, and the flowers are sourced from a local, female-owned cooperative. Arrangements may include sunflowers, snapdragons, or larkspur, but each bouquet is unique so the contents will be a bit of a surprise. 

$68 at urban stems

Pasta Art Kit

Uncommon Goods

This is an exciting option if your host is a creative chef who loves taking pictures of Instagrammable food. This pasta art kit includes powdered, natural dyes that make colorful dough in addition to a pasta wheel and dough cutter to ensure your host has all the tools needed for their next grid post. This is the sort of playful item that people don’t typically buy for themselves, and these little extravagances typically make the best gifts.

$45 Uncommon Goods