Weekend Whats: Tory Burch

Tory Burch banana bread

Banana Bread á la Tory Burch

Fashion mogul Tory Burch shares her favorite reads, watches, and listens.

It’s a Tory Burch takeover! Here’s what the fashion mogul and philanthropist recommends for spicing up your weekend:

What to Cook: I made banana bread last weekend with help from my son—cooking is not one of my skills.

What to Try: A 1,000-piece puzzle. We have one started, and everyone adds a few pieces when they pass by. There is no pressure to finish it in a day.

What to Read: The White Album by Joan Didion.

What to Listen to: YouTube videos on the channel School of Life. Each video focuses on a specific philosopher—Plato, Socrates… It’s like meditation.

What to Follow: #healthcareworkers and Gov. Andrew Cuomo — they keep me informed, but not overwhelmed. And follow the Tory Burch Foundation to stay up to date on some incredible female entrepreneurs, of course!

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