Weekend Whats: Paul Nicklen

The nature photographer gives his weekend recommendations

Paul Nicklen is one of the finest nature photographers and most passionate environmentalists in the world. (We have a beautiful whale photograph of his in our bedroom!) Paul has today’s edition of Weekend Whats…

What to Watch: I have a soft spot for Ben Stiller’s The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. I can relate to Sean Penn’s character. I’ve passed up more shots than I can count because I’ve been lost in the moment with a wild animal.

What to Listen to: I am a huge fan of the Lumineers, and have been listening to a lot of Rainbow Kitten Surprise lately.

What to Read: Ben Moon’s Denali: A Man, a Dog, and the Friendship of a Lifetime is an incredibly moving story.

What to Follow: You can find @mitty and me, @paulnicklen, on Instagram as we continue our conservation journey with @sealegacy and launch @onlyone this weekend — our boldest effort to save the world’s oceans yet. 

What to Try: During these difficult times, I have discovered peace in the same breathing exercises we use before freediving. Find a quiet room, set a timer for five minutes, and take some big, deep breaths (in for four seconds, out for seven).