Weekend Whats: Nancy Meyers

Nancy Meyers

Did you catch my Instagram Live with Nancy Meyers? It’s on IG for 24 hours — watch here. The first rec comes from her…

What to Watch: Nancy’s recs! The Birdcage: “It’s just so funny!” His Girl Friday: She’s seen it a “gazillion” times. The Philadelphia Story: “Brilliantly constructed.” Heaven Can Wait, Shampoo, Young Frankenstein, and The Apartment, which she calls a “perfect” movie.

What to Read: Molner’s working his way through Washington: A Life.

What to Listen to: The Process with Noor Tagouri — hear her chat with Phillip Lim.

What to Follow: Get Us PPE! Our health care workers need protective gear.

What to Cook: I made this meatloaf last night. Inspired by Kerry Washington in Little Fires Everywhere, I added Ritz crackers!

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