Weekend Whats: Bowen Yang

bowen yang

The SNL comedian shares his fantastic recommendations for this weekend

Iceberg, straight ahead! Oh wait… that’s just Bowen Yang. The most charming new addition to the SNL cast recently sat down with Katie for an episode of Next Question, and by the end of their conversation, we guarantee you’ll be saying, “We want more Bowen!” Never fear: We’ve got your content fix covered in the form of Weekend Whats! Yang shared some of his favorite shows, what he’s reading, and a killer music pick to get you groovin’ through the weekend. 

What to Watch: I just finished Girls5Eva on Peacock — it’s a show executive-produced by Tina Fey, Jeff Richmond, and Robert Carlock. I was in one episode, so I’m biased, but I watched the whole series in two days, and it’s just delightful. I also just finished watching season two of The Circle on Netflix. It’s perfect ambient TV that’s still very entertaining and strategic. It’s a reality show that doesn’t feel like pure candy — like there was some nutritional value. 

What to Listen To: I’m listening to this Norwegian artist named Girl in Red. She’s very fun. 

What to Cook: I’m still recuperating from my move, so I haven’t really cooked anything recently, but the go-to thing I eat is bad: It’s a bacon, egg, and cheese on a brioche bun, and I really douse it in hot sauce. That’ll get me through the whole day. 

Where to eat: I went out the other night with my parents to this hip Chinese restaurant that my dad particularly enjoyed, which was a big deal because he has very high standards. It’s called Kings Co Imperial in Brooklyn. They have great mapo tofu and soup dumplings.

What to Read: I just finished this memoir called Crying in H Mart, by Michelle Zauner. It’s about her connection to her mother before and after she passes away from cancer, and it’s beautiful.