Weekend Whats: Travon Free

In his new film, Two Distant Strangers, Travon Free gives illuminates the experiences of Black Americans in America. Read more about the film here.

Along with watching the film, of course, here are some of Free’s recommendations for how to spend your weekend…

What to Watch: Counterpart starring J.K. Simmons and I May Destroy You starring Michaela Cole will change your life. Or at the very least thoroughly entertain you! J.K. is absolutely masterful in the role, but don’t Google the show. (It will spoil the twist.) Michaela is a genius who I can only hope to someday match as a writer.

What to Read: The Fire Next Time by James Baldwin is my bible and I keep a box of them at home to give away to people. Everyone should read it.

What to Cook: This braised chicken thighs recipe is one of my favorites in the world!

What to Listen To: “KIWANUKA” by Michael Kiwanuka. All of his albums are great but this one (the newest) is a work of art.

What to Wear: Always wear a mask! But also, if you can find the “Stranger Things x Nike” sweatpants, you will live in them. I don’t even know how you make pants this soft.