Weekend Whats: Robyn Schall

What to watch:

If you need to laugh and escape right now, run to Netflix and watch Schitt’s Creek. It’s so funny! Hearing Catherine O’Hara say “Daaaaaavid” gets me every time.

What to listen to:

The podcast I will be listening to this weekend is Dax Shepard’s Armchair Expert. I highly recommend you do too! My favorite interviews include Ted Danson, Katie Couric (obvs!), Lauren Graham and every episode Kristen Bell is on.  

What to read:

My friend and fellow comedian Leah Bonnema’s romance comedy novel, Holiday Breakdown, is a must read! Crawl under the covers and grab this book because it has a warm Hallmark feel with a touch of feminism. 

What to cook:

Please try my personal recipe this weekend. If you prepare it, take a picture and tag me on Instagram. Here is my recipe. Buy a heat-up dinner of your choosing. Place in a microwave for four minutes. Let sit for two minutes. Then eat. This is my very first recipe I am sharing publicly! Move over Martha Stewart!

What to wear:

With everything going on, I suggest only wearing stretchy pants and an oversized shirt. Women, no bra and hair in a messy bun. Men, no need to shave this weekend, unless your partner asks you to. It hurts to kiss stubble. 

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