Weekend Whats: KCM’s Got Your Back!

This Week for Weekend Whats, we decided to ask some of our newer staff members (with one exception, veteran KCM writer Amanda Svachula who always has the best recipe suggestions) what they think we should be doing this weekend. They’ve got some great suggestions to keep your weekend fresh and fun!  

What to Watch: Allen V. Farrow on HBO Max. I think the doc should def come with a “sensitive content” trigger warning so I will preface with that … There is no doubt that what is exposed in the first 3 episodes is disturbing and devastating. It is also, however, a brave survivor story on Dylan’s part and an important, eye-opening example of how the cult of personality can be so dangerous. Whether you are dubious of the doc or not, it’s really shocking to realize that Woody continued to permeate film/art culture in such a major way even after such serious allegations were made against him. Part 4 Finale airs on Sunday. — Laura Buczik

What to Read: All Boys Aren’t Blue by George M. Johnson. It gives a different perspective outside of the normal identity of what a man is supposed to be, or society’s expectations of manhood. It creates a space for other types of men to be seen and acknowledged while addressing topics that aren’t heavily discussed amongst men such as identity, toxic masculinity, brotherhood, and even happiness. The author allows the reader to fully step into someone else’s shoes. Everyone can take away a few gems from this book. — Destin Walton 

What to Wear: This sunny weekend I’m breaking out my white Veja high tops, this oversized jersey t-shirt from ASOS, and a pair of some twill chinos like these from Everlane (because who the hell has adjusted back to jeans yet?). I’m going straight to the park with a book. I’m also rocking my Genusee sunglasses, which are a perfect fit with my Athleta masks. Enjoy the sun! — Clare Palo

What to Listen To: I’ve become a devoted listener of Kara Swisher’s podcast Sway, produced by the NYT. The tech journalist has a knack for anticipating big trends, and not just in Silicon Valley, with guests that run the gamut, from the head of Space Force to Anna Wintour. — Rachel Uda 

What to Cook: This recipe for rice bowls with oven-baked tofu. I love tofu! But it can be hard to find really great marinades. I really love this recipe because it uses simple ingredients, and comes out perfectly. I also like that it uses miso and kimchi because both add an amazing tanginess – and as Dr. Mark Hyman would say, “fermented foods are so great for your gut health!” — Amanda Svachula

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