Elevate Your Bar Cart with These Essentials


Bring the bar to you.

Team KCM has bar cart envy. When you want to skip the bar and have an at-home kickback, you’re going to need a stocked bar and the essential items. Whether you want to sip a margarita or become an armchair mixologist, we’ve rounded up some of the best items to help you elevate your at-home bar experience or give the perfect thoughtful, housewarming gift.

#1 Bar Cart

Selene Bar Cart

The right bar cart can make or break your at-home bar aesthetic. We love the idea of a two-tier finished bar that completes a snug apartment or house or your outdoor patio or garden set up. If you’re looking for an inexpensive, elevated option we love this one from Walmart, that’s brushed gold and elegantly pulls together a room. It’s complete with functional wheels and includes built-in wine bottle holders and a shelf for storage. If you’re looking for a more expensive option, we also love this one from Urban Outfitters that has an art-deco signatures.

BUY HERE: $79.99

#2 Bottle Stopper

Uncommon Goods Birthstone Wine Bottle Stopper

One of the best housewarming gifts to help a new home-owner or apartment dweller is a cute and functional wine stopper that will stop them in their tracks (get it?) We’re eyeing these birthstone ones from Uncommon Goods because who doesn’t love astrology and wine — especially together? 


#3 Bottle Opener

bar cart

Keep your home bar stocked with an easy-to-use bottle opener. We love this electric wine opener from Walmart. With the press of a button, open your favorite bottle of wine with ease. It’s cordless, easy to store, and was designed to extract corks smoothly and efficiently to eliminate the risk of broken pieces in your favorite wine. If you’re more of a beer drinker, try this durable and affordable bottle opener from Amazon.


#4 All-Purpose Glasses

All-purpose cocktail and wine glasses

It’s time to upgrade your barware. This all-purpose set comes with 6 drinking glasses — perfect for a trendy water glass or a craft cocktail. Looking for a new set of wine glasses? We love the unique Beata Wine Glasses from Anthropologie. They come in blue/teal or pink/poppy and will add the perfect pop of color to any dining table.

BUY HERE: $22.99

#5 Juicer

Zulay Juicer

KCM’s Stacey recommends keeping a juicer handy when mixing up your go-to cocktail. This hand juicer from Amazon comes in eight different colors and was designed to get every last drop out of your lemons and limes. It’s easy-to-use and even easier to clean. Team KCM also loves this citrus juicer from Cuisinart. It’s currently 47% off on Amazon and was designed to extract more juice from the pulp than your typical juicer.

BUY HERE: $16.99

#6 Cocktail Shaker

Cocktail Shaker

This isn’t your average cocktail shaker. The Brumate Shaker Pint doubles as a pint glass, so you can sip on your perfect craft cocktail without breaking a sweat or making a mess. It’s leak-proof and shatter-proof design keeps clean-up easy and will quickly become your go-to cocktail glass. Brumate designs their products with a BevGuard technology to guarantee that your drink will stay ice-cold and refreshing all day long.

BUY HERE: $34.99

#7 Wine Rack

Marble WIne Rack

Store your favorite bottles of red and white in style. This white marble wine rack can hold up to six bottles and will go nicely with any bar cart. If you rarely have six bottles on hand, try the smaller three bottle option. This wine rack is sturdy, stylish, and built to last.   


#8 Cocktail Kits

cocktail kit

Mix up your favorite cocktail from the comfort of your home with one of Uncommon Goods cocktail kits. These sugar cubes can deliver you a delicious glass of bubbly in minutes. Simply drop one cube into a glass of champagne and enjoy some peach-infused bubbly. Uncommon Goods also sells delicious simple syrups, a pack of seeds to grow thyme, lavender, thai basil, and more, and an Old Fashioned cocktail kit

#9 Coasters

Anthropologie Coasters

There’s nothing worse than a ring stain on your favorite coffee table. Save yourself the trouble with a set of coasters that will add a pop of color to your space. This tile set from Anthropologie was crafted in Portugal and will provide a safe spot for your hot or cold beverage to land. Each set comes with four coasters and an assortment of patterns and vibrant colors. Looking for something a little more sophisticated? Try this retro, gold-toned Jonathan Adler set.


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