DeliverySafe is the Modern Delivery Locker of Your Dreams

DeliverySafe in front of a house

A new magic box wants to keep all your packages on your doorstep safe and unstolen, your groceries refrigerated, and your meal kits chilled.

Welcome to Pick of the Week, a new weekly series from KCM, that aims to spotlight one product that we think is worth your valuable time and money. Each week we will highlight a product that we think our KCM readers will find fascinating and has appropriately changed our lives for the better. 

This week, we’re spotlighting DeliverySafe, an innovation that’s attempting to relieve package delivery stress. What if there was a magic box that kept all your packages on your doorstep safe and unstolen, your groceries refrigerated, and your meal kits chilled? That’s exactly what DeliverySafe, a new product from a new Chicago-based company, aims to do. 

Since the invention of grocery and meal-kit delivery, and the rise of e-commerce and online shopping during the pandemic, package theft is at an all-time high. What was once an effort to alleviate a stressful work-life balance or one solution to help those suffering from disabilities, online delivery services have become the new in-person shopping. Food delivery services, including food delivery apps like Doordash and Seamless, are seeing a surge in usage from people globally during the pandemic. 

DeliverySafe seeks to do away with checking tracking numbers on your phone, searching for packages that have been taken, or finding frankly, annoying package slips left behind on your door. And even when package delivery services call or text, sometimes you don’t receive the message or miss the call. Or oddly enough, there was never a notification. So, your packages and food are sitting around for hours, waiting to be snatched or spoiled.

The large, lockable container that almost looks like a large cooler is built with durable, weatherproof materials to protect items from sun, rain, and snow. The box has an insulated interior and accessory ice packs that help maintain temperature for grocery and meal-kit deliveries, reducing the risk of spoilage and food safety concerns. It’s almost essential for warm weather climates where consumers don’t have winter weather to act as its refrigeration system. 

It even has a digital lock system, so customers can program who has access and when. Users can set the code on the keypad and provide it to their delivery drivers via online delivery instructions.

It ships fully assembled with anchoring hardware for securing to porch decking, concrete steps, or driveway asphalt. Let me just say this: KCM’s Clare promises if she had a house, she’d buy a DeliverySafe locker. It’s the smartest online shopping solution in our increasing e-commerce world.

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Written by Clare Palo