Five Sustainable and Ethically Made Pieces of Jewelry That Will Make You Look Great and Feel Great

KBH Jewels is creating sustainable, ethical, and beautiful jewelry you’ll never want to take off.

If you’re lucky enough to receive a new piece of jewelry, the first thought to cross your mind is probably not “was this ethically and sustainably sourced?” But given the impact of factors like land erosion and chemical drainage from mineral mining on the environment — coupled with the dangerous and unethical working conditions miners endure to harvest gold and diamonds — more and more consumers realize that this question does matter. It certainly does for Kimberly Berry Haisch, founder of KBH jewels. According to Haisch, “Love and tradition applies not only to our beautiful jewelry but also the manner in which it is made and how that affects the world.” 

Both the diamonds and gold used by KBH are 100 percent conflict-free and sustainable — they never use mined materials. Given what we know about how gold and diamonds are usually sourced, how is that possible? With gold, the answer is simpler than you might think. Gold is a naturally renewable resource that can be reformed without quality degradation, so all of the gold used in their jewelry is recycled and reclaimed.  

For diamonds, the answer is a bit more complicated. In response to public outcry against the sale of diamonds mined from areas that are riddled with conflict, the jewelry industry responded by offering a solution: lab-grown diamonds. Although these diamonds have been around since the 1950s, the recent consumer trend towards environmentally and socially responsible alternatives has driven up demand in recent years. Lab-grown diamonds are chemically and physically identical to natural diamonds, so the only difference between a diamond from KBH and one from your great grandmother’s wedding ring is where it came from. 

Now that you know how good you’ll feel wearing some of these designs, we thought we’d share some of our favorite designs, and we asked Kimberly to pick a few of hers, too! Keep reading for five sustainable and ethical pieces of jewelry every woman should own.

KCM’S Picks 

Diamond X Ring

diamon x ring

If you feel like your fingers could benefit from a little bit of fun, understated bling, then look no further than this Diamond X Ring. The unique X style is eye catching without weighing down your finger, and the gorgeous diamonds will have you admiring your hand all day long.

Buy Here: $950

Single Bezel Classic Necklace

diamond necklace

The Single Bezel Classic Necklace is simply elegant. It will look good on any woman, and every woman will love it. Whether you wear it on its own or layer it with others, the perfect little diamond will fall right between your collarbones, so you know you’ll always be shining.

Buy Here: $400

Akoya Pearl Lariat Necklace


This Akoya Pearl Lariat Necklace is one piece of jewelry that’s worth splurging on. Made of two organic and sustainably cultivated south sea Akoya Pearls resting between an up-cycled 14k solid gold chain, this necklace is one that will definitely turn heads.

Buy Here: $950

Kimberly’s Picks

Leaf Climber Earrings


These Leaf Climber earrings are sure to turn heads. They come in four unique colors, each with a delicate trail of diamonds down the center. And if you’ve got a double piercing on one ear, good news —  you can buy this style either singly or as a pair.

Buy Here: $1,250

Queen Stack Ring

kbh ring

The Queen Stack Ring will certainly make you feel like a queen. It comes in three colors, each featuring beautiful rows of handset diamonds. The ring looks beautiful on its own or combined with other styles.

Buy Here: $950

Elongated Chain Link Lariat

The Elongated Chain Link Lariat is the necklace you will want to wear with everything, whether it’s a simple white shirt or an elegant gown. The gold will add a perfect amount of sparkle to any outfit, and the unique design will make any outfit look glamorous all year round.

Buy Here: $1,850

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