Molner’s Picks for Father’s Day

Molner's Picks for Father's Day

A Molner-approved list of gifts and products that any Dad will love.

Molner, here — with Father’s Day around the corner, you’ve come to the right place for finding gifts for every kind of dad. We’re featuring gifts that are perfect for beach days, barbecues, and capitalizing on finally being able to get outside. Whether the dads you’re celebrating this year are golf fiends, voracious readers, or aspiring grill masters, you can rest assured they’ll love at least one of these 15 Molner-approved products.

#1 Peter Millar Performance Polo

golf polo

One of my all-time favorite brands is Peter Millar, which you can regularly catch me sporting while I’m on the golf course. My biggest gripe about performance wear is compromising style for comfort and fit. I don’t have to do that with Peter Millar. This super soft jersey polo has a tailored fit that pairs well with my golf gear and my out-to-dinner wear. It’ll keep you cool during the hottest days on the course in the sun, with moisture-wicking, four-way stretch and odor resistance fabric. It’s a no-brainer purchase for your favorite dad. 

Buy Here: $98

#2 On Cloud Sneakers

on cloud

The On Cloud sneakers get their name because they’re so lightweight and comfortable you feel like you’re stepping on a cloud. Sneakers, in my mind, need to be both stylish and comfy enough to last through the day and night. These are the perfect gift for your favorite runner or active guy who prioritizes style when it comes to their fresh fits. 

Buy Here: $129

#3 Caddis Reading Glasses

caddis glasses

We’ve recommended Caddis reading glasses before, and I’ll vouch for them again here. I love a brand that specializes in design for all ages. Their collection of readers, sunglasses, and progressives are changing the way we buy glasses. These readers are worth the price. They’re the brand’s best-selling style and come in eleven fresh colors, and fit almost every face shape. 

Buy Here: $95

#4 ‘The Premonition’ by Michael Lewis

the premonition

If you love a nonfiction thriller like me, Michael Lewis’s new novel The Premonition made the top of my reading list. From the author of Liar’s Poker, Moneyball, The Blind Side, and The Big Short, Lewis once again goes inside the fascinating epicenter of a nation in crisis. In The Premonition, he explores how the CDC dealt with the pandemic as “he pits a band of medical visionaries against the wall of ignorance that was the official response of the Trump administration to the outbreak of Covid-19.” In case you missed it, listen to Michael Lewis’s recent conversation with Katie on Next Question.

Buy Here: $21.49

#5 Reef Leather Fanning Flip-Flops

reef flip flops

I love a creative design, and especially any clothing item that also serves optimum functionality. One of my favorite summer shoes are these leather fanning sandals from Reef that has premium leather with a built-in bottle opener on it’s sole. The padded leather of this flip-flop makes them my go-to sandals for the beach or a barbecue. If your favorite dude needs an upgrade on his sandal game, these are the ones to gift.

Buy Here: $65

#6 Golf Simulator

golf simulator

If your favorite dad is anything like me, he can’t get enough golf. While nothing compares to the real thing, this programmable simulator will do for rainy days, winter months, or even mid-workday breaks. It comes with 15 different courses to play, and you can enter your clubs’ specs for greater accuracy. Depending on your space and preference, you can use it with the included foam balls, real golf balls, or no ball at all. You can even play with friends with it’s online features.

Buy Here: $399

#7 Yeti Tumbler

yeti tumbler

I never pass up an opportunity to recommend a Yeti product, and this lowball Yeti tumbler is now at the top of my list. It’s the perfect gift for any dad who enjoys his whiskey, whether he’s grilling, sitting by a bonfire, or just enjoying a nice cocktail outside. Yeti’s technology keeps drinks cold without requiring endless amounts of ice, and the double-walled construction prevents annoying rings from forming on wood tables or counters.

Buy Here: $32

#8 Peter Millar Nylon Classic Duffel

navy blue duffel bag

If you thought you’d only see one Peter Millar product on this list, think again. Like the polo above, this classic duffel combines style and function for the perfect weekend bag. It’s made out of durable, lightweight nylon and has leather details for a clean, timeless look. It comes with a detachable shoulder strap, as well as a zippered outer pocket and another inner pocket for keeping smaller items organized. 

Buy Here: $125

#9 Spikeball Set


I love a little (friendly) competition, and Spikeball is the kind of game you and your family will be playing for hours at a time. The rules are simple: Split into two teams and serve and hit the ball off the net for a series of volleys until one team reaches 21 points. The set is lightweight and easy-to-clean, so you can bring it with you on your next family vacation.

Buy Here: $59

#10 Le Creuset Signature Skillet


Cooking with cast iron produces amazing results, but putting in the work to care for it can be frustrating and time consuming. Enter this Le Creuset skillet, which is enameled for easy care but has the same capacity for high-temperature cooking. It can handle everything from frying eggs to baking, and can travel right from the stove to the oven for making great seared meats, paella, and more.

Buy Here: $120

#11 Cusinart Electric Carving Knife


Say hello to your new favorite kitchen accessory. This electric carving knife by Cuisinart can take on any slicing task. It features a powerful motor and a full-size steel blade that can slice through meats and bread with speed and precision. Whether you’re slicing a turkey on Thanksgiving or cutting a loaf of fresh bread, this knife will get you through it… literally. 

Buy Here: $29

#12 Golfer BBQ Set

golfer bbq set

This gift is a hole in one… no pun intended. If your dad can’t get enough time on the links, try this stainless steel BBQ set from Uncommon Goods. Each set comes with tongs, a spatula, and a fork with insulated handles that look just like golf club grips. If your dad is more of a hockey fan, try this BBQ set made from repurposed hockey sticks. 

Buy Here: $34

#13 123 Organic Tequila Collection


KCM’s Stacey introduced me to this organic tequila collection from 123, and it’s one of Katie and my favorites. It was designed with wine enthusiasts in mind and features delicate floral aromas and complex mineral flavors. This is the perfect gift for your favorite dad that calls the shots. Cheers to you, dad!

Buy Here: $175

#14 WHOOP Strap

exercise tracking straps

Looking to jumpstart your fitness routine? Try the Whoop strap, a fitness tracker that can measure your sleep, workout, and recovery. You can access personalized fitness and sleep data through your Whoop membership. It’s just $30 to join and you’ll see results in a matter of weeks. Whoop members have been shown to reduce their resting heart rate, get a better night sleep, and experience 60% fewer injuries. This gift is Molner approved! 

Buy Here

#15 Waterproof Phone Pouch

iphone case

For the outdoorsy Dad, try this waterproof phone pouch. Whether you’re heading out for a run in the rain or happen to get caught in a storm on the golf course, this phone pouch comes in handy. It’s compatible with most smartphones and comes with two waterproof phone pouches. It’s certified to keep your phone and other valuables safe for up to 100 feet of water. You also can’t beat the price.

Buy Here: $9.99

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