Treat Your Four-Legged Friends With the Cutest and Comfiest Dog Gear

Our dogs deserve to be spoiled every day.

Dogs deserve extra belly rubs and treats every. single. day. Their wagging tails put instant smiles on our faces, their cute panting smiles turn tough days around in a moment, and they make the best companions — especially once they’re trained. They don’t call dogs “man’s best friend” for nothing. 

The fact is, dogs make our lives better. Even during an incredibly tough year-plus, they were there for us: During the pandemic, dog ownership soared to a record-high. In fact, over the past year, over 11 million households gained a new BFF (over 70 percent of U.S. households now own a dog), according to a study by the American Pet Product Association. Countless shelters even ran out of pups as the demand for adoptable pals sky-rocketed.

To celebrate our four-legged friends’ loyalty and devotion, we rounded up some of our favorite dog gear from all the best brands — from squeaky toys to cute waste dispensers to a stylish airline-approved dog carrier. This one is for all the very good girls and boys out there. 

Best Dog Supplies and Accessories

Harness Kit by Wild One

Wild One makes some of the most stylish dog accessories out there in a wide array of beautiful colors like tan, yellow, and lilac. This best-selling Walk Kit includes a harness (which won’t hurt your dog’s neck on walks), a matching leash, and waste bag dispenser.

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Dog Carrier Backpack by K9

You don’t have to leave your Shih Tzu at home on your next hike or bike ride. This K9 backpack is designed so your pup can sit comfortably (and securely) in the bag, and it includes slits for each arm to lay on your shoulders.

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Stainless Steel Dog Bowl by Wild One

Customize these stainless steel dog water and food bowls by Wild One using their personalization service. You can add your dog’s name and even include cute symbols (like a dog bone, water droplet, or paw print).

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HedgehogZ Squeaky Plush Dog Toy by Outward Hound

There is something about about the shape and noise of this Hedgehog plush toy that dogs go crazy overJust beware: This little fella might cause zoomies.

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Training Dog Treats by Zuke’s

These kibble-sized pet treats are perfect when you’re training your dog not to jump on people (oops), pull, or not to do their business inside the house. After all, good dog training is all about positive reinforcement, which means treats. Plenty of treats.

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Squeaky Rubber Dog Toys

This 6-pack of squeaky rubber balls do make a lot of noise, but they’ll keep your dog entertained as they bounce off the ground (or furniture) at really long distances.

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Dog Car Seat by BLOBLO

Don’t let your dog roll around in the back seat on your next drive to the dog park or vet visit. This plush car seat features a strap that easily links onto a headrest. Plus, there’s a clip that attaches to your dog’s collar to keep them strapped in safely and securely.

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Travel Airline-Approved Dog Carrier by Roverlund

For those of you who like to tow Fido along on your travels, this airline-approved dog carrier bag will stand out among the crowd. It also doubles as both a car seat and dog bed for nights when you want to bring your furry BFF on your outdoor dining dinner date.

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White Paw Seltzer Plush Dog Toy

Let your dog join in on your happy hour with their very own White Paw plush toy (a.k.a. spiked barkling water).

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Waste Bag Dispenser by The Foggy Dog

Make picking up your dog’s waste a bit more glamorous with a printed waste bag dispenser from The Foggy Dog. This one easily clips on to any leash.

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Christian Cowan X Maxbone Jumper

This one’s for the fashionistas! This fuzzy Maxbone sweater (designed in collaboration with Christian Cowan) will make your dog the most photographed pup on the block — and will keep them warm on cooler days. It also comes in hot pink and lavender if you feel like switching things up.

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