This Small Tweak Changed My Workout Routine For The Better

This influencer followed personal trainer Hunter Crine’s fitness advice for a week

It can be hard to make New Year’s resolutions that stick. It can be even harder when you’re not seeing results! We’re here to help you out: For our New Year, New You series with Walmart, we asked different influencers to test out some real, attainable wellness challenges from experts in their fields — and to journal about their results. Next Up? Movement.

The Challenge: 

NYC trainer Hunter Crine offered a seven-day framework for anyone trying to get some cardio in at home and have more energy throughout the day. The tip? Jumpstart your morning by jumping rope. 

The Subject: 

Matt Schultz, a Walmart Social Champ based in Jacksonville, Florida. 

Last year, I was really active, working out almost every single day. My activity declined in November and December during the holidays, but I was still probably working out around once per week. In general, my workouts usually consist of 20 minutes of weight training plus a one-to-two mile run. I used a steel jump rope to complete this challenge, which you can find at Walmart. 


Day 1:

I completed 200 jumps through with quite a few hiccups and stumbles along the way. Luckily I got to complete the jumps about 9 a.m. 

Day 2:

I broke up my jumps into sets of 50. Early morning rising at 6 a.m. before work to do the jumps was hard. I hesitated, but pressed forward. 

Day 3:

Sleeping in helped tremendously again and allowed for a more focused set of jumps. I focused on my wrist movement and cadence much more. 

Day 4:

I reviewed Hunter Crine’s Jump Rope Matrix Regression and attempted all of the movements. I gained a ton of confidence from completing one-legged jumps. 

Day 5:

Each day has gotten easier and easier to complete. By this day, I genuinely looked forward to jumping rope every day thereafter. 

Day 6 and 7:

Early mornings at work meant 6 a.m. jump rope sessions so I decided to bring it to work and what a difference! It sparked my day in just the right way. 

The Results: 

After completing my seventh day, I realize that a morning routine involving just an ounce of exercise could be rewarding throughout the entire day. I felt more awake and more alive after each session. I’m a really organized person, who makes a lot of lists during the day, and I found myself finishing off more of my daily tasks and errands. 

Was the change immediate? No. Is it easy to pick up a jump rope each day? No. Benefits aren’t immediate, but they are always worth striving towards. I definitely will continue doing this at least five days per week. 

Consult with your doctor before you start any new routine or diet.