Dr. Mark Hyman on How Nutrition Plays Role in Healthy Skin

The practicing physician says it’s all about what you put in your body

Dr. Mark Hyman said a balanced diet plays a major role in the health of your skin, saying most issues stem from gut health or one’s diet.

If you aren’t eating right, he emphasized that it doesn’t matter how many creams or other products you’re putting on your skin. 

“A lot of skin issues people suffer from — they’re coming from the inside out,” he said. 

Hyman is the author behind The Pegan Diet, which offers a new way of eating that combines the best of paleo and vegan diets. He offered some advice about how to transition out of the diet and commit to more long-term healthy eating.

He said the point of “going Pegan” isn’t necessarily losing weight, but about creating health. Once people incorporate foods back into their diet, he said they should pay attention to how certain foods are impacting their body and the way they feel. 

“The goal is when you reintroduce food, how do you do it in a way where you actually recognize what’s helping you or hurting you,” he said.

This also takes time to figure out and Hyman recommends adding one food group, such as dairy, at a time and giving yourself at least three days in-between to see how it impacts your health.

Specifically, he advised that if you start incorporating foods with a lot of natural sugar, you can counteract it with fat and protein. For example, one possible snack could be an apple with almond butter. 

Get more tips and tricks by watching the video below.