From Our Fellow Peganers

Asparagus soup

Over the past three weeks, we’ve gotten hundreds of emails from our readers following along with Dr. Mark Hyman’s Pegan reset. We’ve been inspired by your stories of success and struggle with this program, and we’ve gathered just a few of your emails here. Thank you to everyone for your messages – we’ve loved reading them! And a special thanks to Nancy for the picture above, featuring Dr. Hyman’s anti-aging asparagus soup and her beautiful table.

Nancy – 64, Tucson, AZ

Protein shake
Nancy’s breakfast protein shake

After 2 weeks and two days of following the “Pegan Reset,” I am feeling good. I have been on WW for the entire pandemic and hit a plateau for the past two months. I needed to try something to move the needle on the scale and shake things up. I was also attracted to the fact that Dr. Hyman said going Pegan would help me shed belly fat. Sadly I carry my weight around my midsection, so I thought this would be perfect for me! Well, the fat is still hanging on; but, in 16 days I have lost 5 pounds. That’s a major victory!

I have been watching your interviews with Dr. Hyman which have been very motivating in helping me stay the course. I have also appreciated the recipes that I’ve seen this week in your newsletter, and have also followed Amanda Haas on Instagram. Thank you! 

You had mentioned that you are in search of a good protein powder. I use Orgain every morning for my protein shake. When I add a 1/2 avocado it is especially decadent!  

Also my dessert hack for chia pudding is 2 tablespoons of chia mixed with 4 oz of almond milk. It sets up after about 4 hours in the fridge, I heat up a half cup of warm berries that I pour on top. Seems to satisfy me. It’s like a nice reward. 

Thanks, Katie, for featuring this reset. 

Kathryn – 67, Seattle, WA

I have been following you and really enjoying the support! I have Crohn’s disease and am on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. I was so happy to see how similar this is to the Pegan diet! With a few tweaks I can use many of the recipes.
I have tried many meds for Crohn’s including steroids, biologics ($$$), immunosuppressants… I started the diet and stopped the meds about 6 weeks ago and have seen a real reduction in symptoms!! 
Thank you for shining a light on the benefits of healthy eating! 

Gaby – 62, Yorba Linda, CA

Two women, berries, breakfast
Gaby and her daughter outside their photo company; Gaby’s Pegan-friendly breakfast

My husband and I have been doing so great on the reset program. We’ve been keto in the past but during that time I always wondered about not getting enough veggies and how I could eat so much animal fat and stay healthy. This program makes so much more sense. 

A game changer for us has been the pans of cut veggies I’ve been roasting every Sunday for the week and also keeping some fresh pico de gallo in the fridge for an everything from egg to fish topper! 

Thanks again for your inspiration- my muffin top seems to be disappearing too! Haha! 

Looking forward to more!

mixed vegetables
Some of Gaby’s vegetables waiting to go into the oven

Debra – 65, Wilmington, NC

I have lost 8 pounds and hubby lost 15. I have been sick with an autoimmune disease called CIDP [Chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyradiculoneuropathy] for 9 long years with many exhausting painful yearly hospitalizations at UNC Chapel Hill. I have been feeling a lot better with this Pegan lifestyle and will continue to use the principles after the reboot.

Thank you for all you do and thanks for touching so many who need help! God Bless you!!

Cathy – almost 70, Cape Cod, MA

Thank you for this challenge (not a diet) and reset. Every meal has been delicious, I now eat off a bigger plate because of all the veggies.  My goal was to lose 4 pounds in 21 days and maintain for the rest of my days. I’ve reached my goal!  I will follow a maintenance plan with your help.

Katie, your questions have been spot on to Dr. Hyman and Amanda. Every week I buy one or two foods recommended. I will survive today with a green non-alcoholic beer!!

My birthday will be easier to accept on the 27th, my 70th for two reasons; I’ll feel lighter and I can have wine! Happy St. Patrick’s Day! 

Kathy – Dexter, MI


I’m feeling good, especially since I dropped 8 pounds. No sugar cravings, no hunger really at all. Got off track only once but right back on. Firing up for the next 11 days and making this a lifelong thing. I believe that I CAN do without added sugar and bad carbs. The key is making some meals automatic go to’s so you don’t have to think so much about food prep and huge variety of veggies.

Breakfasts have been almost exclusively smoothies with raspberries, strawberries, blackberries and blueberries, a few nuts, chia seeds, and pumpkin seeds.  I throw in fresh spinach usually.  
Lunch is hard but I have salads with an assortment of veggies.  
Dinner is chicken, fish (salmon, cod and pollack) and salad or other vegetables.  I have gotten out hiking and on my bike the first 3 weeks so that helps with the motivation, as does a trip to visit my sister in Tennessee and bathing suit weather (we live on a lake) just around the corner.

Tricia – 61, Meridian, ID

I am taking this journey with you and the results have been fantastic!  I am feeling better, incorporating walking every day for at least 30 minutes, more energy and have lost 9 pounds as of today!
Thank you for promoting Dr. Hyman’s book – it has been the motivation I needed!

March 19 update:  I have loved the reset and will keep going with it along with walking every day.  I have not missed anything except wine, which I will add back in at certain times 🙂  I have now lost 13 pounds and energy through the roof!

Brian – Boise, ID


I find it to be life changing.  It is amazing to not crave sugar anyone. I slept over eight hours last night.
Thank you Katie and Dr. Hyman.

Ellen – 63, New Jersey

I’m actually feeling great! No bloating and my stomach feels (although it’s really not) flat. I must say that it was very hard the first few days. For someone who loves bread, wine and m&m’s, I was not a happy camper!

I needed to eat healthier and not mindlessly. I’m definitely doing that now. I felt guilty last night when I had half a grapefruit before dinner! That’s the most I’ve cheated. I’m getting the hang of perfecting my smoothies and my husband is benefiting from my healthier meals also.

Thanks for doing this and helping to get me on track to a healthier lifestyle. Of course, just need to tell you that I love watching you on my favorite show….Jeopardy! Great job!

March 19 update: It’s getting a little easier to make meals (I haven’t cooked this much in my life!) but I’m still craving something sweet especially after lunch or dinner. My weight has plateaued after I quickly lost 5 pounds, so that’s a little depressing.
I’m being optimistic though and will definitely still be “good” after day 21, with an occasional treat in my future. Can’t wait for my dirty martini on day 22…it’s healthy right? It has olives in it!

Rose – 59, Minnesota and Arizona

Woman, asparagus, brussels sprouts
Rose; Roasted asparagus, mushroom, and red onion; Brussels sprouts and bacon with fresh garlic

Hello Katie,
I am following along!  I have read the Pegan book twice!  I am committed but must admit I miss my red wine!
BUT I have to ADMIT after the first week, the sugar cravings went away- kind of!?!?

A couple of tricks that have worked for me:
Pre-plan and pre-prep meals. 
Varieties of veggies and spices in eggs each morning – for example, this morning was asparagus, mushrooms and cherry tomatoes. 
If you are a night snacker, brush your teeth after you eat dinner.  It has saved me from going into the pantry a thousand times in the past few weeks. 
I am stronger than I thought I was! Which makes me so proud! 

Finally,  I am going to buy many copies of this book and give to family and friends that I love and want to get healthy!!

Margaret – 70, Winnipeg, Manitoba

When you started talking  about doing the 21-day reset, I was immediately interested. I myself am a woman who just turned 70. I am active and involved in my children grandchildren’s lives. Enjoy the outdoor world immensely. I have always carried an extra 15 pounds. I feel like I do eat nutritionally but my body is also sugar addicted.
I cannot believe how good I feel on this detox. As of this morning, day 10, I have lost 7.1 pounds. Most importantly, I always craved sugar. I have not craved it in these last 10 days. I have been a Weight Watcher member & been successful at losing the weight, then gain it back slowly because of sugar and my inability to resist. This reset — wow, I don’t feel hungry in between meals, I don’t crave sugar, I have lots of energy and I’m excited for the next 11 days. Thanks for your motivational spirit that took me on this journey.

Judi – 74, Phoenix, AZ

Woman, man
Judi and her husband, Syd

My husband and I are on this journey with you and so far so good. We are both 74 and in pretty good health and proudly married for 54 years! That said I have inflammatory arthritis and suffered bloating and burping. My husband who is 5’5” is about 15-20 pounds overweight and I am 5’2” and weight appropriate. Losing weight is not my goal. 
As of March 19, my husband has lost 9 pounds and my weight is stable.
My bloating and burping have disappeared!! It’s amazing!!! I think that it was due to dairy or artificial sweeteners or both. 

What we love:
1. All the fresh vegetables, which has caused us to use a wider variety 
2. Trying new recipes 
3. The small portions of meat
4. Morning quinoa berry bake (that I realize is not on the reset! oh well)
5. We feel healthier 

What is still hard:
1. I REALLY miss my half and half and sweetener in my coffee and my morning Greek vanilla yogurt. None of the non dairy substitutes really taste good to me. March 19 update: I now enjoy my coffee black and have found a lactose-free full fat yogurt by Green Valley that works for me. We miss our after dinner ice cream cone 
2. My husband STILL misses his late night snacks 
3. Sandwiches, but I found coconut turmeric wraps at Whole Foods that we have been using. 
4. All meals require thought and planning so there are no more quick meals which is hard on busy days, especially lunchtime. 
5. How much money I spend at the grocery store on organic berries, vegetables  and grass fed beef and all the seeds and grains, etc. that I had to stock my pantry with. I’m just thankful that I could!

1. I might need to invest in a blender because that might resolve our quick meal issue. March 19 update: Blender purchased for making sauces and smoothies
2. I realize only now how addicted I was to sugar substitutes. I still crave sweetness but I’m giving that more time. March 19 update: I still crave sweets, no way around it. But I have found Siete Mexican wedding and chocolate cookies that are grain free, and 1 or 2 satisfies me with a cup of green tea after dinner. They also make grain free tortilla chips that are great with salsa and or guacamole if I need a mid-meal pick-up.
3. Made chia seed pudding and love it with berries, who knew!!
4. Made sliced air fried sweet potatoes and used them as a base for guacamole and salsa and lactose free sour cream for a delicious and satisfying lunch. 

Thanks for leading us on this journey!!

Salmon, stir fry, sweet potatoes
Some of Judi’s favorites: poached salmon; air-fried sweet potatoes with guac, salsa, and lactose-free sour cream; chicken stir fry