Who’s Going on Hometown Dates on “The Golden Bachelor?”

the cast of the golden bachelor playing carnival games

Disney/John Fleenor

At least one of these eliminations will come as a big shock.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

We’re back in front of our screens for another episode of The Golden Bachelor and we’re one episode away from hometown dates, which means emotions are running high. If you’re new to the show (we suspect a lot of The Golden Bachelor‘s viewers are Bachelor Nation newbies), this marks a pivotal point in the season. Hometown dates are pretty much exactly what they sound like: The remaining suitors get to go home and take the contestant with them to meet their families and get a sense of their lives outside reality TV. And deciding who to go home with is a big commitment for the contestant.

But before we get to the heavy stuff, I need to point out that last week’s episode opens with the Jewish representation I needed: Susan, Ellen, Theresa, and Leslie are in the pool doing the Horah.

Anyway, it’s pretty wild that there are only six women left. Leslie’s talking about how she’s feeling confident, especially after having the one-on-one. Faith says she feels insecure because she hasn’t gotten much alone time with Gerry lately. And Ellen is bemoaning about how the younger generation doesn’t appreciate “outside games” and doesn’t know Mahjongg and Canasta because they don’t get their faces out of their phones. (“I know about Mahjongg, my mom plays it every week!” I text as this episode plays on my TV.)

In walks Jesse to needlessly remind the women that next week is hometown dates, as if they haven’t been counting down the days and keeping track. Apparently, only three women are making it to hometowns! No wonder Gerry has a breakdown in the preview for this episode — he’s going to have to swiftly eliminate half of his contestants. (It’s extra bizarre because traditionally there are four people who go on hometown dates, three to the fantasy suites, and then it’s down to the final two.)

Jesse lets the women know there’s going to be a “really magical one-on-one date” and a group date, and the one-on-one goes to Faith.

Gerry and Faith’s one-on-one date

Gerry drives up in a yellow Jeep with the top down — don’t worry, it’s broad daylight so he doesn’t seem as distressed as he did driving to his date with Theresa a few weeks back. He comes to the mansion to pick Faith up, and they’re off to…a vacant field, where a helicopter is waiting for them. Unfortunately, Faith is afraid of heights. I feel like there’s no way to bond with a man quite like letting him comfort you in close proximity (it’s why all my dates are to see horror movies).

They actually fly over the mansion and the ladies all wave from the pool…except for Leslie, who’s visibly pissed. She’s jealous that she didn’t get to go on this “once-in-a-lifetime date.”

After flying around for a while, the helicopter lands on a boat (or is it a yacht? I’m not rich enough to tell — but it has a hot tub, if that helps paint the picture). 

Faith and Gerry can’t keep their hands off each other and Gerry is talking about how he loves the “warm, soft look” in Faith’s eyes. It seems like they fell in love with each other at first sight. Faith opens up about how she had a tough, nontraditional childhood and was a homeless teen who grew up without her parents. She talks about how Gerry brings stability, which is special. Gerry, in turn, says he wants to have a deep emotional attachment and know that someone has his back and vice-versa. 

Gerry admits that at the beginning, he thought he was only attracted to Faith physically, but now knows there’s an emotional connection, too. He gives her the date rose, which is a huge deal because it means she’s guaranteed a spot on hometowns. 

Back at the house, Leslie is falling apart while Ellen tries to comfort her.

Faith comes back and starts talking about her date, and Leslie can’t even contain her side-eye. Meanwhile, Ellen is feeling the heat because, as she puts it, a date that involves a “hot tub on The Bachelor is serious.” Ellen clearly studied up before sending in her application, because historically, she is correct.

The carnival group date

So the final (!) group date is at the Santa Monica Pier. They’re riding rides, playing games, and eating junk food, and it honestly looks like a lot of fun.

Theresa gets some alone time with Gerry and tells him she’s falling in love with him — it’s the first time she’s told a man that in 52 years. She tells Gerry she can’t live without him and he says, “That’s so nice of you to say.” If anyone else said this, it would be a rejection for sure, but it’s Gerry so he definitely means that. Gerry loves it when the women open up about their feelings, but will it be enough to get Theresa the group date rose? We’ll just have to see. 

He calls Theresa “the picture of safety and security” — another statement that, if said by any other man, would be a one-way ticket to the Friend Zone.

When Gerry gets a moment with Leslie, he admits he wakes up in the night thinking about her and laughing. Leslie talks about how it’s been hard to see him go on dates with the other women. She eventually starts crying (Gerry’s catnip) and Gerry comforts her. They have a good resolution, but again I ask: Will it be enough for Leslie to get the group date rose? 

Ellen gets her alone time with Gerry on a rollercoaster — not exactly the most conducive to having an intimate conversation. She tells him she feels like they’re a team and he says he’s always had strong feelings for her. She replies, “I am absolutely head over heels falling in love with you.”

Gerry says “I feel it so much,” which is another cryptic statement that doesn’t expand on his feelings one way or the other. Is he saying he feels her feelings? Or he feels the same feelings? Ellen grabs Gerry’s face and kisses him — is it a bad sign that he didn’t lean in? I’m now worried.

Ellen breaks down and Susan comforts her, and I just need to shout out Susan for being the true MVP of this show. She’s always comforting the other women and doing their hair for dates. She seems like an absolute gem and it’s such a shame we haven’t seen more of her on the show. Susan for Golden Bachelorette? Susan for Golden Bachelor in Paradise, for sure. 

At the end of the group date, Gerry says, ultimately, he can’t give out the rose because he doesn’t have enough clarity, and instead he’ll give two roses tomorrow night. Which makes a whole lot more sense. Imagine getting all dressed up in a gown and doing your hair for a rose ceremony of one rose. Talk about a waste of time.

Who got eliminated on The Bachelor last week and who’s going on hometown dates this week?

Tension and nerves are running high. At least one of these eliminations will come as a big shock. The other two, I think we can unfortunately guess.

The first rose goes to…Leslie. 

The second and final rose goes to…wait never mind, there is a very long pause while Gerry’s face crumples and he starts to cry.

OK, the second rose goes to…Theresa. Poor Ellen is shocked, and so am I! I’m so bummed to see her journey end. 

That means Susan, Sandra, and Ellen are going home. Susan is a gem, going up to Gerry to say goodbye and saying “Where’s that smile?” Susan is officially invited to my Thanksgiving. 

Ellen says the final goodbye and Gerry walks her out. They take a minute to sit on a bench. Gerry tells her that eliminating her was the most difficult decision. He says, “I hope you stay positive because that’s you.” Ok but WHY?? The people deserve answers! And closure! Oh, and I guess Ellen deserves those things too, if she wants that.

Next episode is hometowns, and we’ll see Gerry walk off and maybe give it all up. Guess we’ll have to wait and see!