One Year Later, Katie Gets Candid About the “Going There” Tour and Writing Process

katie couric holding her memoir

“I was finally able to share my story and my life experiences and create a space for other people to share theirs.”

One year ago, Katie Couric’s memoir, Going There, hit the shelves. If you’ve read it, you know that it juggles several very intense and fascinating storylines; in the book, Katie carefully weaves together blissful and tragic stories from her personal life into recollections of her funny, wild, occasionally gritty rise to fame as a prominent journalist. She dissects her early childhood and family life but also delves into her years as a scrappy young reporter and the challenge of navigating news media as a young woman in the 20th century. She chronicles the heart-wrenching end to her first marriage as she also describes the high-pressure experience of co-anchoring The TODAY Show. She discusses the challenges of raising her daughters alone as she also reminisces about being the first female anchor of the CBS Evening News.

In honor of the first anniversary of the memoir’s release, Katie sat down to reflect on how the writing process and subsequent tour led her to do what she does best: Connect with people. “I used Going There as an opportunity to travel across the country to do what I love doing most,” she says. “Having conversations. Talking to interesting people. Really relating to an audience.” She also talks about reconnecting with friends and people she’s interviewed to highlight their personal journeys alongside her own: “I got to not only share my life, but share the stories of people I really admire.”

Watch the video below to relive the rambunctious, fun, and poignant moments of her cross-country trek and the moments of inspiration that brought her joy and fulfillment.