You Never Know What to Expect When Amy Schumer’s Expecting!

Amy Schumer’s got a new husband (a very cute chef from Martha’s Vineyard), a baby on the way, and she’s giving birth to a brand new Netflix comedy special, Growing. I checked in with my favorite prankster to chat about her problematic pregnancy and how she managed to do her best work yet despite throwing up about 980 times!

Katie Couric: This is a different special for you because you’re PREGNANT! I know you’ve been struggling with morning sickness. Did you have to take breaks to throw up when you were taping this? 

Amy Schumer: I threw up between shows a lot but my body held out while we filmed. I think this is my best special yet and I think it’s because you get better with hard work. I worked my ass off on it! Also being pregnant brings a different energy to stage.

I know you’ve been dealing with hyperemesis (an extreme form of morning sickness with severe nausea and vomiting), and you’ve joked people don’t know much about it because men don’t get it, but seriously, I’ve never heard of it before. How common is it and what causes it?

There is no known cause. It’s supposedly 2% of women but I believe it’s a lot more!

What have you been craving? I ate a lot of creamed spinach and chocolate milk when I was pregnant!

Same stuff I always want actually. Pasta and also chicken soup. But also stuff from my youth. Comfort foods that I haven’t had in a long time. My latest favorite is mozzarella grilled cheese with Campbell’s tomato soup.

When is little Katie due?

Katie is due soon!