Five Ways to Upgrade Your Zoom Wardrobe, According to Stylist Stacy London

stacy london

We asked the stylist about New York Fashion Week and trends to watch this season

New York Fashion Week kicks off this week, and it’s no secret that the runway will look different this year. Aside from it being almost entirely virtual, many high-profile designers will not be in attendance — including Ralph Lauren, Marc Jacobs and Michael Kors. “Many designers are opting for short films or other creative presentations in place of live shows,” CNN reports

So, what can we expect to see on the runway this week? We asked stylist Stacy London. “I think the pandemic has really affected the way designers are looking at style,” the former What Not to Wear host told us. We asked Stacy about the trends to watch this season and five pieces everyone should have in their closet. 

Katie Couric Media: New York Fashion Week kicks off this week. What should we expect to see on the runway this year? 

Stacy London: I think the pandemic has affected the way designers are looking at style. There is still fantasy and aspiration of course, but I think we will see more practicality than we are used to. Lots of knits, lots of pared down matching separates that feel like the new suits, lots of oversized pieces.

A ton of black and white out for Spring. But also lots of bright and neon solid colors. There’s lots of 70s silhouettes, including deep V-necks and backless pieces. And also a lot of 80s, ranging from stonewashed denim to oversized blazers to Gunne-Sax style dresses and yoked skirts. Lots and lots of both volume and body con for evening.

So many of us are working from home. What do you recommend for upping our Zoom wardrobe? 

I think patterned tops really make a difference, nothing too crazy that distracts from what you might be saying but there are so many lovely soft cotton patterned blouses for Spring. Even more fitted tops can work. I don’t recommend solid white, it can look washed out on the screen.

Accessories can also dress up a Zoom look but again, anything too big or shiny can be a distraction. I’m really liking layered gold chains with charms from places like Foundrae or Bree Nichols.

Also, skin care is important. I definitely recommend face oil, a little highlighter, a little lip stain to look your best on calls!

What are five of your go-to products for spring? 

1. Alix of Bohemia jackets
2. The Kit NYC jumpsuits
3. KULE striped tops and sweaters
4. B Sides jeans
5. Esquivel X sneakers

What are five products everyone should always have in their closet?

1. Jeans that make your butt look awesome 
2. A cashmere coat 
3. A good oversized cashmere sweater
4. A silk blouse that you can layer
5. A suit
Bonus: And black boots (even though that’s 6, they are a must.)

What’s a product someone should splurge on?

I think splurging on a great classic piece that you will keep for a long time is always worth the splurge, coat and blazers in particular. Sometimes dresses. Splurge for quality, not for trends.

What’s one of your favorite brands right now? Why?

It’s so hard to choose ONE designer. I’m forever in love with Alix of Bohemia. The care she takes in making her pieces, the artisans she works with all over the world for her fabric and notions, is quite astounding. There is so much love in every garment. So I’m kind of a lifetime fan. 

In terms of specific collections this Spring, I kind of fell in love with YSL. 70s meets 80s. Boy, it made me wish I had somewhere fancy to go! 

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