The Best Moments From the Tokyo Paralympics So Far

paralympics opening ceremony

Check out the best of the best from the Tokyo Paralympics.

After a dazzling opening ceremony in Tokyo, the Paralympics have officially begun. From the photo finishes to upset victories, check out some of the best moments from the Games — and check back daily for updates!

Ibrahim Hamadtou Stuns in Table Tennis

They call Ibrahim Hamadtou Mr. Impossible for a reason. The Egyptian table tennis star had both his arms amputated when he was 10 after a train accident. He plays the sport by gripping the paddle with his teeth and flicking the ball up with his foot to serve. Watch him in action:

Fireworks light the sky at the Opening Ceremony

Fireworks were released above the stadium and dancers performed before Japan’s Emperor Naruhito officially declared the Games open.

Afghanistan is represented at the Games

A volunteer carried the flag of Afghanistan during the parade of nations in a show of solidarity for the country. After the Taliban seized control of the country, flights from Afghanistan were canceled, meaning the country’s athletes were unable to compete.

Five countries make their Olympic debuts

Bhutan, Grenada, the Maldives, Paraguay, and St. Vincent and the Grenadines all sent athletes to the Paralympics for the first time.

The Paralympic Refugee Team leads the way

The Paralympic Refugee Team was the first team to enter the stadium. They had two flag bearers, Alia Issa, who was born in Greece after her family fled Syria, and Abbas Karimi, the only Afghan athlete at the Games.