You Have To See Katie’s Hilarious Meet Up With Jenny Mollen and Jason Biggs’s Precious Pup Gina

Katie sits on a bench with Jenny Mollen, Jason Biggs, and their dog Gina

Jenny, Jason, and their adopted dog Gina prove how both pet parents and their furry friends benefit from finding a furever match.

Katie has always loved dogs, but her friends Jenny Mollen and Jason Biggs are what you might call obsessed. They’re devoted dog parents and dedicated animal rescue and adoption supporters. Katie wanted to learn more about how these two became so passionate about rescuing animals, and of course, meet their dog, the legendary Gina Maria (who is 15 years old and has a mind of her own!). So she went down to the West Village and spent a dog day afternoon with her pals.

Over 3 million dogs end up in America’s shelters every year, and even though a vast majority of dogs are adoptable, only about 1.6 million are adopted per year. If you, too, are passionate about animal rescue and adoption, watch the video to learn about the amazing work our partners at Mars, Incorporated are doing in partnership with the PEDIGREE Foundation and how you can help support their mission of ending pet homelessness.