Katie Talks to Bridget Everett About Her ‘Coming of Middle Age’ Show ‘Somebody Somewhere’

bridgett everett in somebody somewhere

Photo courtesy of HBO

Learn about her personal connection to the series — and her cabaret career!

Katie can’t get enough of Bridget Everett, and we’re pretty smitten, too. (Who isn’t these days?) So, Katie sat down with the comedic queen for an IG Live. Of course, they talked about Everett’s new HBO show that’s beguiling audiences across the country and has Katie and KCM wanting more. 

As the star and executive producer of Somebody Somewhere, Everett might have invented a new, much-needed genre; the show is described as a “coming of middle-age story.” It’s a semi-autobiographical dark comedy feel-good series about a woman who returns to her Kansas hometown and is having a tough time figuring her life out. And her family doesn’t seem to be doing any better. 

Katie spoke to Everett about her connection to the show, her cabaret career, and what it’s been like as a comedian during Covid. 

Watch the full interview below.