This Is the Advice That Helped Barbara Walters Succeed

barbara walters


When in doubt, find your passion.

At a time when we could all use a little inspiration, we’re looking back at Katie’s 2012 book, The Best Advice I Ever Got. In it, she examines her own experiences from the front lines of the worlds of politics, entertainment, sports, philanthropy, the arts, and business — and collects the ingenious, hard-won insights of countless leaders and visionaries. They tell us how to take risks, follow our passions, cope with criticism, and commit to something greater than ourselves. You’ll find thoughts from everyone from financial guru Suze Orman to George Lopez to Christina Applegate to Maya Angelou.

Couric also reflects on the sage advice that has guided her, from her early days as a desk assistant at ABC to her groundbreaking role as the CBS Evening News‘ first female anchor.

Post-quarantine, who isn’t ready for change? During the Great Resignation, many of us decided that our career paths had become stale and untenable. But not everyone necessarily knows how to reorient. Enter Barbara Walters. The Emmy-award-winning journalist and bestselling author of Audition has some simple yet rich guidance: When in doubt, ask yourself what truly, deeply sparks your passion. Then pursue that wholeheartedly.

Of course, easier said than done, right? But she’s not saying it’s easy — she’s saying that the uphill climb is worthwhile. Here’s Walters’ witty take on how to muster up some genuine ambition (and avoid a major work no-no) — then share it with someone who’s at the beginning of a journey of self-discovery.

“In college, I had a well-known professor whose advice was: ‘Follow your bliss.’ Practical application: Decide what you really would love to do…would do even if you didn’t get paid. (But get paid.) Get a job in that industry or business. Start at any level. Get there first in the morning. Leave last at night. Fetch the coffee. Follow your bliss…but don’t sleep with your boss. You will succeed.”