Katie’s Surprise Holiday Giveaway Show

Shhh… it’s Katie’s surprise holiday giveaway show! We wanted to make sure Hurricane Sandy didn’t completely ruin the holidays for the people who have already lost so much, so we filled our audience with women from some of the hardest-hit communities. These women thought they were joining us for a show about starting over in the New Year, but guess what? They’re in for a real surprise because we’re giving back with a big holiday giveaway!


Katie’s Hollywood Takeover: Patricia Heaton, Cheryl Hines and Rod Stewart

To celebrate Mother’s Day, Katie welcomes favorite TV moms Patricia Heaton, Cheryl Hines, Florence Henderson and Phylicia Rashad. Plus, Rod Stewart and wife Penny Lancaster’s candid conversation with Katie about their marriage and family life, and Rod performs a song from his new album. And Katie celebrates her last day from Hollywood with her biggest giveaway ever and how viewers at home can get in on it too!


What Happens When You Are Held Captive?

On this episode of Katie, Katie talks to Katie Beers, who was horrifically locked in a dungeon at age 10. She also speaks with Shawn Hornbeck on his kidnapping and being held against his will for four years. Hear what he and his family have to say to the girls rescued in Cleveland. Then, award-winning actress Glenn Close and her crusade to help her family and others suffering from mental illness. Plus, the cast of TLC’s controversial reality show Breaking Amish on why they left their families and their religion behind.