Farewell To Katie

Show-stopping surprises are in store as Katie takes a look back at the show’s most powerful moments, celebrity guests and musical acts. Plus, laughs from behind-the-scenes!


Love Found On Death Row

A man sentenced to death row and his wife share their unique love story. Hear how one of the greatest legal injustices of our time sprang one of the most unlikely of relationships. Then, catch up with some of Katie’s memorable guests – Dick and Rick Hoyt. Hear what this incredible father and son marathon team are doing now and how their story inspired others to experience the freedom of running. Plus, simple summer skin solutions!


Katie’s Memorable Guests

Katie takes a look at some of her memorable guests. First, she remembers the inspiring 16-year-old Sam Berns with Progeria, a rare and fatal aging disease, and meets families whose lives were changed forever because of him. Then, find out how Hurricane Sandy survivor Patricia Dresch is doing now and see her new home and hear one triathlete’s story of survival and recovery against all odds after his bicycle hit a car head-on. Plus, “Sesame Street’s” Elmo on teaming up with national parks and encouraging kids to go outside to play and learn.


The DIY Revolution

Meet DIY entrepreneurs who are turning their passions into successful home-grown businesses that emphasize quality and community. Then, find out how a journey to Uganda changed one women’s life and the lives of countless others around the world. Plus, how your oral health dictates overall health.


How To Live To Be 100

Get the secrets to living to 100 and what you can do to affect your longevity. Meet extraordinary people who will motivate you to keep your body and spirit young and fashion mavens who prove dressing to impress is in-style at any age. Plus, easy foods to detox your insides.


Dressing For Success

Find out how “Dress for Success” is helping women prepare to get and keep much needed jobs. See three makeovers revealed! Then, hear how six women who all received double lung transplants found each other to share their experiences, hopes and plans for the future. Plus, make mealtime more manageable with tips on how to prep fresh and healthy food!


Changing Careers At Any Age

This show is all about taking your career in a new direction. Meet a corporate lawyer turned Lego artist and find out how to make the changes you want in your life. Then, Lori Loughlin opens up about her career, “Full House” and new series “When Calls The Heart.” Plus, Dr. Wendy Sue Swanson with top parenting tips and medical myths every parent needs to know!


Living With Adult ADHD

Meet adults living with ADHD and hear how it affects their lives and their families. Get solutions on how to stay focused. Plus, the top three health tips for summer revealed!


Internet Stars

Internet sensations from your favorite channels – San Tsui performs an exclusive song, “Hair Ninja” Mindy MicKnight shows Katie some styling tricks and “Your Grammar Sucks” creator Jack Douglas finds laughter at common mistakes. Plus, supermodel Carol Alt shares nutrition and health tips to empower you to live life to the fullest!


It Could Happen To You

Meet a women whose life changed in an instant when she became paralyzed at her own bachelorette party. Get life saving tips for emergency situations. Then, stand-up comedienne Tig Notaro on laughing in the face of life’s hardships. Plus, the biggest allergy triggers and the most surprising ways to relieve irritation.