Hope For Paralysis Patients

Learn about patients with paralysis who are receiving life-changing implants to restore movement in legs, hips and toes. Experts speak out on this experimental research. Then, Alan Thicke on his TV and music career, his son Robin and new reality series, “Unusually Thicke.” Plus, Bob Harper on everything you need to know to lose weight fast!


Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker opens up about her career, love of fashion and her very own shoe line. Then, catch up with the family challenged to live without sweets for six weeks and see if they kick their sugar habit. Plus, a panel of influencers talk about trending topics of the week.


One Man’s Fight to Prove His Innocence

One man opens up about his fight for freedom after being accused of sexual assault by his own children. Find out how he was finally freed and reunited with his family. Then, “The Little Couple” stars on their inspirational battle with Jen’s cancer and adopting their new daughter from India. Plus, the latest and greatest game apps.


The Knockout Game

What is the Knockout Game — who is doing it and why is this bizarre act of violence gaining national attention? Then, Jessie Mueller from the new Broadway musical “Beautiful” performs in studio, and a surprise panel of influencers talk about the latest headlines.


Grown Kids Living At Home

Find out the three-step plan to get your grown kids out of the house and started on life. Then, meet a woman who lends a helping hand to children in foster care with “One Simple Wish.” Plus, get answers to your tough-love money questions.


Morgan Spurlock & Richard Marx

Filmmaker Morgan Spurlock talks about his “super-sized” career and the new season of “The Inside Man” on CNN. Then, Musician Richard Marx performs live in-studio and talks about his new album. Plus, a panel of influencers talk about trending topics of the week.


Glamour Women of the Year, Young Men Killing & Katie’s Classified

We’re looking at the recent killing rampages in America — why do young men from good homes want to kill and what can we do to stop it? Plus, catch up with Glamour magazine’s “Women of the Year,” and Katie’s Classified Week continues as three women get makeovers for their interviews.


Overcoming The Odds

Meet a woman whose extremely rare medical condition led her to become an author and motivational speaker and a woman who made pageant history as the first-ever legally blind contestant. “Law and Order: SVU’s” Tamara Tunie on her latest TV drama. A panel of influencers talk about trending topics of the week. Plus, Katie shares web and social media responses to recent topics and shows in Follow Up Friday.


Spring Clean Your Closet!

Organizational expert Jeffrey Phillip is back – this time in Katie’s closet — to give tips on the best ways to clean up and organize your closet. Then, Actor Clark Gregg opens up about “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” and family life with wife Jennifer Grey.


Smart Money, Smart Kids

Dave Ramsey and his daughter Rachel Cruze share their tips for raising financially fit kids. Find out how to talk to your kids about earning, saving and budgeting money. Then, actor Dominic Monaghan talks about his exhilarating travel-adventure series “Wild Things” and how he became a wildlife enthusiast. Plus, find out how to avoid tourist traps and get the best vacation deals.