Under the cover of anonymity people feel emboldened to say hateful things online, which can be hurtful when you are the target. New York Times Deputy Washington Editor Jonathan Weisman explains why he quit Twitter over anti-Semitic bullying — and why he returned. And Richard Cohen, president of the Southern Poverty Law Center, says that for every big win against hate speech there is inevitably a backlash. Plus, we ask folks in Times Square to tell us their stories of being bullied online.

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“The last few days have been really, really sad for me, because we’ve seen this powder keg develop over time,”
Rep. Gwen Moore told me when I traveled to Milwaukee after violent protests erupted in the city following the recent shooting death of an African-American man who, according to police, was armed. Watch our complete interview.

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Feminist icon and author Gloria Steinem joined me on Yahoo News to discuss women and the 2016 race, Steinem’s take on the latest Trump news, and the historic moment of a woman – Hillary Clinton – at the top of a major party ticket. Steinem addresses the disparity between Donald Trump’s public statements on women juxtaposed with a woman now running his campaign. Steinem also discusses her memoir, “My Life on the Road,” out in paperback this month.

It’s been a big season for women in politics – both in fictional worlds and real ones. Julia Louis-Dreyfus (Veep) talks about playing the fictional president Selina Meyer and Rebecca Traister (All the Single Ladies) digs into the moment and meaning of Hillary Clinton’s presidential nomination. Plus, Katie takes a field trip to Times Square to find out what a woman nominee, and potential president, means to everyday Americans.

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On Wednesday, Aug. 10, Yahoo Global News Anchor Katie Couric talks to Eric Lichtblau, a Washington bureau reporter for the New York Times and Pulitzer Prize winner, about the recent controversy surrounding email exchanges between employees at the Clinton Foundation and the State Department when Hillary Clinton served as secretary of state.


In an exclusive interview on Wednesday, Aug. 10, Yahoo Global News Anchor Katie Couric spoke to University of California President Janet Napolitano. A former secretary of homeland security and the ex-governor of Arizona, Napolitano discusses the 2016 presidential campaign, Donald Trump’s “Second Amendment people” comments and new questions being raised about email exchanges between employees at the Clinton Foundation and the State Department during Hillary Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state.


On Tuesday, Aug. 9, Yahoo Global News Anchor Katie Couric interviews Kori Schake, former White House director for defense strategy at the National Security Council, about why she and dozens of other prominent Republican national security officials signed a letter opposing the Republican nominee Donald Trump.