Molly: The Deadly Drug Your Kids May Be Doing

It’s the deadly club drugs your kid may be doing – find out what Molly is, and meet parents who never thought they would lose their daughter to it. Then, meet artists who paint extraordinary work with their mouth and feet! Plus, People magazine honors America’s unsung heroes with their “Teachers of the Year.”

A Mother’s Heartbreak After Daughter Dies from Molly Overdose

Could your child be doing the latest deadly club drug? One mom never thought her daughter, an honor’s college student, would become a victim of Molly.

See an Artist Paint with Her Mouth!

Although random gun violence left her paralyzed from the neck down, Mariam Paré never gave up her dream of becoming an artist. See her paint live on the show with her mouth!

To learn more about Mouth and Foot Painting Artists visit:

UVa Talks about the Risks of ‘Molly’ (Parent Version)

Foundations Formed in Honor of Shelley Goldsmith:

Shooting Star Foundation
The Shooting Star Foundation at the University of Virginia strives to create and propagate educational programs and materials to reduce the negative consequences related to uneducated illegal drug use amongst college students.

Shelley Goldsmith Memorial Scholarship Fund
c/o 121 Jackson Street, NE
Abingdon, VA 24210

‘People’ Magazine’s Teacher of the Year

Get a preview of “People’s” Teacher of the Year issue and meet one of the teachers honored in the magazine!

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Tune In To Katie!

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