Jon Bon Jovi

After three decades of fist-pumping rock anthems and big ballads, music icon Jon Bon Jovi has still got it!

Not only is Jon Bon Jovi handsome, talented and intelligent, he is also a really good guy with a big heart. For more than thirty years, no one has rocked our world quite like Jon Bon Jovi.

“You pray forgiveness for last night’s sins, and you start over.” -Jon Bon Jovi


At 51-years-old, Jon Bon Jovi is showing no sign of slowing down. Right now, for the first time in the Bon Jovi Band’s history, they have launched a world tour and a new CD at the very same time.

“We keep the economy moving.” -Jon Bon Jovi


The last time Jon Bon Jovi was on the show, he had just visited some of the areas hardest hit by Hurricane Sandy in his native home of New Jersey. It was an emotional homecoming for the music icon.

“You’re taking care of a part of your community.” -Jon Bon Jovi


Jon Bon Jovi’s fans are among the most loyal around and the band’s songs are the most covered songs online of all time. What is it about Bon Jovi and their songs that make people love them so much?

“Fortunately we’ve had enough of the ebb and the flow to make for a real career.” -Jon Bon Jovi


The entire audience is filled with long-time Jon Bon Jovi fans, and now it’s their chance to ask Jon their burning questions!

“We didn’t grow up thinking we want to be famous.” -Jon Bon Jovi


Want to see Bon Jovi’s new CD come to life like never before? Jon Bon Jovi shows us how he’s using technology to give fans an interactive, inside look at his new album.


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