Jennifer Lopez: Hotter Than Ever!

The ultimate symbol of starting over

Stunning, revealing, intimate. Jennifer Lopez dishes on life after divorce, life after “American Idol” and why age is nothing but a number.

Today on Katie, we welcomed Jennifer Lopez, aka JLo, aka Forbes’ World’s Most Powerful Celebrity. From music, to American Idol, to her fragrance and clothing line, Jennifer seems to have her fingers in it all. Katie kicked off the conversation by asking about Jennifer’s summer tour.

“When you get older and are in your forties, you feel more yourself.”

Next, Jennifer opened up about being a single mom to her two twins and how she is coping with her divorce from singer-songwriter Marc Anthony. She says that despite how difficult things have been, she’s proud of the way her and Marc have been able to handle their split.

“I believe in love, I believe in marriage, I’m just trying to get it right.”

Although she’s been married three times (Who’s counting?!), Jennifer says she still believes in happily ever after. So do we! That made a perfect transition into our discussion about her relationship with her 25-year-old choreographer Beau “Casper” Smart. A big question: Does the age difference bother her?

“Things happen, and they happen naturally.”

Next on tap, we talked to Jennifer about her decision not to return to American Idol after two years as a judge.

“You think people are getting who you are, I didn’t realize they weren’t.”

The end you never saw coming! Katie and JLo’s Beau pull off quite the prank on Jennifer.

Let’s Talk: How would you reinvent yourself?


Katie and JLo’s Beau Plan a Prank on Jennifer! Watch:

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“It’s not what you wear; it’s how you wear it.” – Mercedes Sanchez, Katie’s Crew guest blogger

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