The Palin Interviews, 10 Years Later: Part One

77. The Palin Interviews, 10 Years Later: Part One

Released Sep 27, 2018

The Palin Interviews, 10 Years Later is a two-part documentary series from the Katie Couric podcast. For this special series, Katie and Brian look back at Katie’s interviews with then vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin and the impact those conversations had on the 2008 election. Plus, they consider the path Palin may have paved for the rise of Donald Trump. In Part One, Katie and Brian go behind the scenes with top officials from the McCain and Obama campaigns and cover Palin’s extraordinary emergence on the national stage: her selection as John McCain’s running mate (which almost didn’t happen) and her electrifying speech at the Republican National Convention. And of course, they examine the interviews heard round the world and consider why they struck such a chord.